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Avan Tudor Jogia
Chariot racing 101 set of #Tut #Morocco
Wake. Stunt training, chariot riding, archery, sword fighting. Hair, make up, costume tests. Cross fit. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. @ATJogia #tut
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Massive jetlag but so far Morocco is amazing people and a lot of very friendly stray cats. Also hot, really really hot.
I added this so I could keep up with @ATJogia.... Also wtf is the weather there!? #Morocco
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22hr in transit to Morocco. A personal travel time record.
Paint it black. #backtoblack. Thanks to @lorihuitron_hair for making my hair awesome and putting it back. Also thanks to @zoeydeutch for hiding in my hair..
Thanks for sharing @michellee116 #ALSicebucket Haters. v The reality of the disease behind the viral videos”
@ATJogia @LizGillies @girlposts Internet meme: you can check that off your bucket list.
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.@LizGillies we're a Internet meme ... #RoleModels@girlposts: a relationship like this please
So if you're the type that pays close attention I think it can be agreed that @kyliebunbury and I are bad at keeping secrets.
Worth watch as always @TEDTalks: “The problem with stereotypes is the danger of a single story:
Me and my @dogsbreakfasttv shirt. Thanks @gabrielcarter4.
.@ZoeyDeutch #ALS Challenge. I make my contribution. Challenge your friends & donate. I'll favorite your video.
Great idea, Georgia teens create a yelp to rate the police.…
Working with an amazing cast & crew! I made friends 4 life! But most importantly the fans made it so incredible! Thank you 4 all the love!😍
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Bye #Twisted. Life changing experience. Thanks to abc family, the writers, producers, cast, crew, and all you devoted viewers and tweeters!
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Such kind words for us, thanks. I'd like to take a minute to send Sam Robards (Chief Masterson) my (cont)
@ATJogia I enjoyed supporting you and the cast! All the trending sprees we did, the fun, the countdowns. It's been a BLAST! ;)
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Got a break in shooting and just hearing the news myself that Twisted has been officially canceled. Thanks (cont)
Robin Williams lit up my life as a kid, I loved Hook, and Aladdin was my favourite movie. Please send all your love to his family.
If you're feeling overwhelmed & seems like theres nowhere to turn, I urge you to call National Suicide Prevention line 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Crazy day preparing but wanted to thank everyone for the TCA votes, your support for these things is always amazing.
We watched @ATJogia find out he was cast as King Tut and his reaction is ah-maz-ing!:
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A very big thank you to everyone that voted for us in this years Teen Choice Awards. Much appreciation for the support.
We're up for a Teen Choice Award.Go to my twitter @ATJogia or facebook (Avan Jogia) for a clickable link as Instagram is in the dark ages. Thank all, Voting ends soon.
@ATJogia have you been on live television before? What about the Super Slide?
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@ATJogia apparently i've been voting but only apparently
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Apparently I'm up for a Teen Choice Award and apparently there's only one more day to vote.
Thanks for those votes for Twisted and myself in the Teen Choice Awards. Voting ends soon
Me and @victoriajustice outside our trailers. #ballin
Apparently I went down the super slide. via “@BuzzFeed
@ATJogia So will you pretend this encounter never happened or use it to fuel some further awkward small talk?
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Let's revisit this tweet circa 2011 The universe is a strange place.…
@justjaredjr: Congrats @ATJogia! He's going to be King Tut in Spike’s ‘Tut’” Thanks Jared.
Thanks all for the well wishes, looking forward to starting. MT: @THR: Avan Jogia to Play King Tut
"Diversity in fantasy is hard because white writers write from personal experience." Yes. Their extensive experience with dragons and elves.
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