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Raja Putri Atilia
singing singers 192,929 followers
by shidahmohd "splittin' with #soulsistersmovement pose #8 - Hanumanasana or Split ellavateyoga…
by shidahmohd "#independenceARMy day 11: Parsva Bhuja Dandasana or Grasshopper/Dragonfly with…
I've been sitting here everyday during breaks since I came last Friday. I call this my do nothing stare at sea time. I look forward to doing this everyday here. #atiliabecomesayogateacher
In class pun wa bawak selfie stick. Bangga tak korang? I think lagi 3 hari Dorang buang selfie stick ni kot. Skrg pun dah dua tiga asyik daring wa. #atiliabecomesayogateacher
The Asian and the selfie stick.
Us this morning right before class. And class was Soooooo good.
By @magicbabening "Our master instructor Kosta at @vikasayoga is super human... Haha. Respect. Just done with a 4hour session where we saw the sunset. Did savanna to crashing waves. Perfect moment. Day 1 of yoga teacher training over. Yay! #ytt #yoga #yogateachertraining #vikasavoga #ningcai" via @P
I am very happy to be here. To learn, to absorb, to share, to balance, to center, to love, to make new friends. This is for me. #atiliabecomesayogateacher I promised myself to get certified before I turn 40. I have less than 2 months. I think I'm good. #plsdontfailatilia
Not a clear picture of us but yaaaa we just had dinner after our 1st day of school n we're good. Love these 2 girls so Baik hati Dan manis. My 2 kawans.
We finally meet. We walked to school together this morning. I think we are gonna be really good friends. Love your vibe. @magicbabening I promise u I won't disturb u when u write. I will also write "Yaya is awesome"..
This morning's intro session. #atiliabecomesayogateacher I was so nervous about introducing myself I think I trembled sikit. Hehe.
My new family. That's Mem and her daughter Nongfan. They run moonstone bar right across my skool. Friendly. They bbqed some prawns and fish tonite for a private bday party and invited me. Ill chill with em again tomorrow. I penat already today.
Its world cup finals nite and also full moon n u can imagine the crazy party they're having tonite. I'm in a bas prebet sapu just leaving Tesco heading back home cos it's a school nite n I'm happy.
Skool. Made 3 friends. :-) #atiliabecomesayogateacher
by @Liquido_Asia "By shidahmohd "flowin' with #soulsistersmovement - Adho Mukha Vrikshasana Garudasana…
It rained this morning. I slept. No world cup channel here so I'll be like a dungu later. Dem. Too afraid to go out alone cos dad said no.
Indeed. U guys have an excellent Sunday u hear. Love!
I was so proud of myself for a not so bad blow dry. And then the Apple juice decided to just spill on the table. Good job Atilia!
I got plates and bowls. We can have a dinner party now.