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Sprints with my brother in the garden this morning has actually killed me, I'm convinced I need a fork lift to get me off my floor
This past week I haven't stopped sleeping, now I can't sleep 👎
Buddy never stops squealing at the moment #shutup
That tweets seems like we live far apart but it's literally an hour bus journey and that's it 😂😂
Whenever I go to Lewis's I always have dramas/loads of stories about my trip to tell him but it's never the other way around #dramaqueen
I do feel sorry for the poor littles sods in our year that still go to the ice rink
I have to get all B's in my GCSE's to become a psychiatric nurse and I'm failing all my controlled assessments.... #fuck
I really feel like going on a run but no running shoes 👎
I'm really feelin some rainfall rn
After this dream I've just had I honestly think I can never eat meat again
I'm always asleep at the moment but I'm always so drained 😞
I can't even explain how much I'm not looking forward to my dear teacher today 😔
Why is this considered cool, he looks like a pedophile that forgot his PE kit
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Deffinatly coming in from school today and finishing all my homework I'm fed up of having it all
My dad's customer literally treats me as her daughter it's cute
Bitchiness actually angers me, it's so petty and pathetic
I want to be a mum already but I'm to young
I wish I could skate board and idek why
I have the most biggest tummy ache right now because my anxiety is so bad right now #thisisnotok
I really do not feel well and that sleep just made it worse
Being 1% of the population that thinks air max's are proper shit.
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One thing I hate in life... Immaturity
Having a big cuddle with dad, no wonder he still sees me as a 5 year old..
Love a good catchup with Queen B (byron) haha