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Luisa Ablaza
Do not ignore what you see, what you hear or what you feel. Make a move! :)
As you lay in bed tonight, listen to your heart beat. You. Are. Alive. = endless possibilities 🙌🌟đŸ’Ģ✨
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I love when I walk past someone and they smell really good, I'm like hey thanks for that! 😎đŸ˜ģ👍
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Be at peace and be hopeful. #today
When my heart is filled with hope, every promise comes my way. đŸŽļ
The Lord will fight for you. Don't be afraid. He'll give you the victory. #GodIsGood
Yung parents ko pumiPBB hahaha!
Nakakatuwang malaman na sembreak yung birthday ko. Aga ah. Kung hindi magbabago. Hmmm =)
ayaw bumukas nung SIS. Paano ko makukuha yung certification of grades. It's so late. Haven't read anything yet.
Rest your mind. Only happy and positive thoughts are allowed. =)
I don't wanna worry. I just wanna have fun! #seizetheday
Something that caught my attention 😁
I can take so much 'til I've had enough 🎹 🎧
Struggle comes before growth, progress and change. So keep struggling, keep working and have faith that this won't last forever.
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The news that I've been hearing and seeing are so disturbing. LORD, please heal this world.
I must start or else..
Supposed to be doing my report in POM but here I am watching GGV.