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Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away from me.
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You might need to withdraw emotionally today because your frie... More for Virgo
Miss when things were nice.
Mixed signals are the worst😴
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Lie to a girl one time & she'll doubt everything you say after that. 😳
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If you Don't have anything worth tweeting then don't tweet. Some people just chat shit tweeting for the sake of tweeting
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Lies lies lies, fed up now.
for someone to win, someone has to lose
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@DavidFentonn: Some peoples confidence is astonishing”
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Truth is we need eachother
Hate when they get to attached to me
Can you be with someone but know you'd never let them be your baby dad/mum ?
can't be holding grudges forever
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My mums attitude stinks seriously.
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Ok now your talking my language
I just want some head in a comfortable bed it could all be so simple...
Some people try so hard to be bait what is this?
You may start the day tense and brooding but by the end of the evening all...More #Virgo LOVE Scope here
Taking care of business sounds like a good idea today, but you... More for Virgo
It's the people that's been through the most fuckery that usually have the biggest Hearts.
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I give you all I got till it ain't no more
learn what is love about, when you can't live with her and you can't live without.
fake confidence until you achieve real confidence
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I don't know for those people who want bait girlfriends and boyfriends. 😕😕
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I smoke every day so when I say I wanna get high it means I wanna smoke more than i usually do.
Some women would rather be a rich mans side chick, than a regular mans Queen.
"@itsMeekMill: I wish I knew then, what I know now"
Just want to be cuddled to sleep
Anything can be forgiven if the actions following the mistakes are genuine and sorry, that's my theory anyway. Life's too short.
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"@Kushandwizdom: After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh."
Your names not down, you're not coming in
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Being too 'nice' clearly gets you nowhere anymore ✋
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Careful how you play your cards when you have a queen in your hand. ☺😉
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Hate lonely nights want my bae
"@ChloeMarissa_: Age doesn't define maturity. Clearly." This!
I'm such a moany cunt lool
Uno when u call someone and they dnt answer like I could be in danger nd u dnt answer oh love life
@asvpxlilyy: Dnt make someone your priority when your only there option.”👏
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Dnt make someone your priority when your only there option.
Sometimes I wish I can go back to my cunty heartless ways dunno where all this nice lily business come from
Regardless of your relationship status, you may be presented with a few...More #Virgo LOVE Scope here
A female that keeps her self to her self and hasn't got a "circle" 👌
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Opening pictures from twitter in public is a BIG problem
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You might not know how to make sense out of your feelings toda... More for Virgo