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@AsToldByTasiaa RT! Over 500 People This Thursday . PT.2 #StarLounge Shuttle Bus Will Be @ Bronco Square
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!!!! "@BestofGemini: #Gemini like learning, but dislike school."
#Gemini won't ask twice. They will ask someone else.
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#Gemini is the only sign that can get succeed at doing two things at once. #GSignz
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I been road running Monday to Sunday all I know is hunnits. #LastNight #CollegeNight #BishYouBettaWeeerk
I mean it's kinda blurry but...
These hoes couldn't test me, even if they name was Pop Quiz !
Hold Tf up did the time just change
Like I don't even get on twitter like that but I definitely had to let bae know I love him that much more after tonight @KCamp427 #iseeuboo
Just wanna let @KCamp427 know that he gave me life tonight. The eye contact was real. Likeeee, bae let's chill before you leave . #NOHOE14
#MCW, he fine as hell, dark skin poppin. Can't fuck with a nothing ass nigga. #NuffSaid…
"@__keitaaa: RT @DJOCKYTheCeleB: Quote this with a Selfie of you without makeup 😍 😍 πŸ‘‘
I don't think that I should dance... I'm just gon have another drink .
I Ain Gon Trip On a Weak Ass Nigga πŸ™…πŸ‘πŸ’
#LatePost #IForgotAboutIt #YassHair
#SongOfTheDay #21Questions #Throwback #ItsStuckInMyHead
When a bitch say I'm hating on her... #FirstOfAll
I been smoking I been drinking so excuse my language!
Lmao old but this shit still make me laugh.
College really makes you wonder how you sat in class for 8 hrs a day in high school. I can't even make it through a 50min class
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when an attractive boy says "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" when talking to adults they're automatically a hundred times more attractive wow
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lmaoo forreal though
Anyone know what this means, or no? #fortunecookie #mystery
I respect #Gemini for their flexibility to adapt to any situation as well as having an open mind to experience anything in life.
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Do you really know who you fuckin with? ... I mean you can't blame me for wonderin.
Eyebrows on fleek... THA FUCK.
"But when you got bread it seem like everybody love you."
This is why I fuck with the caf sometimes. This chicken is life #yasss and they have hot sauce on every table lol
How's that selfie game going ? #strong
Me and my nigga @sunnyblack203 not paying attention in class nshit lol
Coming for everybody
Smh the devil outchea
Might be coming back home soon
But I don't care it's okay give it time
Y'all I'm so lame when it come to this twitter shit
Finna go fuck with the caf in a Lil bit
"my ex wanna work it out, bitch try yoga"