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I respect #Gemini for their flexibility to adapt to any situation as well as having an open mind to experience anything in life.
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Do you really know who you fuckin with? ... I mean you can't blame me for wonderin.
"But when you got bread it seem like everybody love you."
This is why I fuck with the caf sometimes. This chicken is life #yasss and they have hot sauce on every table lol
How's that selfie game going ? #strong
Me and my nigga @sunnyblack203 not paying attention in class nshit lol
Coming for everybody
Smh the devil outchea
Might be coming back home soon
But I don't care it's okay give it time
Y'all I'm so lame when it come to this twitter shit
Finna go fuck with the caf in a Lil bit
"my ex wanna work it out, bitch try yoga"
But hey at least he's not ugly.
He got me fucked up
My ex be talking bout he wanna be with me..
Just remember when God blesses you it's not just for a minute or an hour, it's for a lifetime.
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Is that too much?
#Gemini will love you from their heart and soul once they decided you are the one.
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I don't chase em, I replace em. Haaan
Every time I'm by myself my mind runs a marathon.
Guess I don't come off as smart as I am huh.
It's crazy how comfortable mfs is lying to my face.
I just don't get it
It's like everybody got luck with this "Bae" shit except me. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜”
And I just be in my room with my vibrator like. Bzzzzzzzzzzz-ZZZZZZ-zzzzZZZZzzzz YASSSS
Everybody justa fuckin everything.
I'm Figgity Figgity Fucked Up ! Boy You Got Me Fucked Up ! #YaaasFit
Was Feeling Good Biiitchhhh #Selfie #LastNight ๐Ÿป๐Ÿธ๐Ÿบ
Can't stand no lying ass nigga
One of them nights
#np Feel So Right x Lloyd
โ€œ@PricelessDaROC: Money canโ€™t buy happiness but it can buy wingstop and thatโ€™s pretty closeโ€ bww*
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put your arms around me boy... i got somethin to show ya..
but the worst ones are the friendly fake hoes
some ugly fake hoes
I done met some pretty fake hoes