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Éva Benjamin
@TristanTaylor88: @AstoldbyEva aye chumpy. you should come out tomorrow night.” You should probably mention what I'd be coming out to😳
"@Evan_Almightee: @AstoldbyEva found $20 the other day did the cabbage patch" had to refresh my memory...#dontjudgeme
I love finding money in old purses /'s like a little present from yourself, to yourself ☺.
Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. #gratitude
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"The average woman falls in love 7 times a year. Only 6 are with shoes." - Kenneth Cole
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W/e you write after using the incorrect form of "you" or "to" loses 76% - 94% credibility. Just made ^ those stats - they sound legit though
So…24 hours till my big NYC move. #Bittersweet … but pretty psyched. Couldn't have made it happen without the BEST friends in the world
God's "no" is not a rejection, it's a redirection.
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I wish todays youth had to endure the humiliation of having your dad pick up the landline phone and start dialing while you're talking on it
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My movers are coming at's place is about 11% packed. SoOooooo
I'm always really confused when people are all "just killin' time here"…where is all of this extra time that ppl have & how can I get some?!
You can't trust a woman who has a #MarilynMonroe poster in her living room. #Priorities are ALL out of order. #Redflag
@AndreaBassam: @AstoldbyEva my cousin @roguepotatoe ... Pretty damn legit” Oh, SNAP. Get it girl. Just saw her last beatbox loop. #legit
Lunch period rap battles, people got their feelings hurt. Those were the days. Except that we only had 6 black kids in the entire school.
What ever happened to #beatboxing? Someone should bring that back. Who can I talk to about this? #90sbaby
10 Things Only People With Attention Problems Understand: Thank goodness for it only being 2 minutes. #storyofmylife
25 Problems Only People With ADHD Understand…
Saying Seattle fans are "the loudest" in the NFL is like saying you can jump the highest while standing on a trampoline
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#Gym. #Church. #SuperBowl Everything else that's happening today is a mere distraction.
So we can leave the "NJ doesn't have a football team" topic to die.
Btdubs, BOTH the NY @Giants & @nyjets play at the Met Life stadium ...which is in East Rutherford New Jersey<<.
My favorite thing about illuminati conspiracy theorists has gotta be the (mis)spellings. The latest : ilumbaunaty. I'm sorry, what?
"I don't like titles. Wanna get Froyo? Let's go get Froyo" - Me. Every. Day.