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Éva Benjamin
#basketball kind of afternoon...taking a personal day & playing street ball...& by "playing", I mean…
I CAN'T EVEN - if there's a scale of one to even, I CAN'T. Still funny.
@NicTheEditor @AstoldbyEva Very few. Even a lot of girls with cute shapes look like they're just wearing tight mom jeans.
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High waisted shorts need to go away & never come back - & take stonewashed anything with them. Like, why?
love is when someone asks for a starburst and u give them a red or pink one
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Photoset: sourcedumal: WELP "So that’s the joke…" Lol.
"BRUHH......" = I am unable to cope with the situation at hand.
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Ppl need to chill w/ these social media pyramid schemes...don't come @ me with an "amazing opportunity" then get irate when I ask questions
I'm the queen of giving my google voice # out RT @gb2times: 😒 When u get their google voice number and not their real number... <<<
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@kayevalley: @AstoldbyEva Unreal! Smh.” You're telling me?!😩
I'm listening to two interns argue their hearts out over whether #Beyonce is a natural blond or not. Where am I & how do I get out of here?
@WSJ: The Kickstarter campaign for @readingrainbow crosses the $2 million mark:” there's hope after all.
Sometimes my sarcasm is to the point that I don't even know if I'm kidding or not.
#ThatAwkwardMoment when you compliment a woman and she thinks you're flirting with her. Ugh. #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings
"@aakhtar428 @AstoldbyEva gonna have to agree on that one!" <3 I'd rather go w/ a non designer, well crafted leather bag over monogram LV,
Ever since I switched to Chanel & Prada, the Louis Vuitton monogram line seems so eggregiously loud to me. #shallowtweet Sorry, kind of.
Twitter intellectual judges are my fave. Oh we of little intellect are no match #judgeaway. Pity us for we are lost and in need of guidance.
"@wreckingbaIl RIP Maya Angelou 😔 you sat on that bus so people today can walk to their dreams! We love you baby 🙌👼" Wait, what? She...nvm
“...pursue the things you love doing, & then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off u.”#ripMayaAngelou
I've always believed this RT @AstoldbyEva: Why There's No Such Thing As a Soul Mate via @RELEVANT
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