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As if 
music sport bowling 873 followers
bruk bruk bruk it down
whoevers comin to Maplewood pls bring blankets..I need somewhere to sit thank u
lol someone tell me where maple wood fireworks are
When a DARKSKIN nigga smile & his teeth Glow like Snow 😻😻😻🙌💯🙈
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this salad is soo good I don't even want the entree..I don't even like salad but I've obviously been missing out
I hate when 4th of July comes around cause niggas don't know when to stop poppin fireworks . It'll be July 28th and it will be still going .
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this boy follows me and unfollows me every 2 weeks on instagram like can you leave wtf
this wind is so ridic but I luhh it
Hate when random ass kids in class ask what you got on a test. Mind your fucking business and get out my fa...
We all know that one kid who wont let people forget that they're in a honors or AP class.
My dad can't find his vodka & the first person he asks Is me 😒 foh & go annoying
@Only1_kalliope: But most of y'all wouldn't understand this pic 😴” really? Most of us? I don't think so.
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lovin this weather
@Nukeveli: "Look mean" 😂😂😂 y'all bitches try too”lol forreal
I won't be sick bcus I already expect the worst lol
If it rain tomorrow we all gone be in the house sick as hell.
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I Hate Accidentally Opening Messages 😂😂😂
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life is too unfair
I can't breathe & I wanna cry rn
@astoldby_lola seriously,niggas for lifee 😂✊
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