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Retweeted by Nao
White rabbits🐰white rabbits🐰white rabbits 🐰
Sleeping on my spare mattress and my bed mattress stacked on my floor while I wait for my new one and honestly I've never been more comfy
Good Night Dreamers! RT @elsuperraton7 Who put this giant Mickey Pumpkin in the way?! 😜
Retweeted by Nao
Don't let your heart be filled with sorrow, For all you know tomorrow, the dream that you wish will come true. #disney
@Pourainsidire is the Enchanted Disney Fairy and she will bring the inner princess out in you all #fact
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So desperate to work at disneyland.
Never stop dreaming.
Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple? –Mary Poppins
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Some people are such idiots
Got really fckin itchy ears and nose and throat fuck you allergies
BREAKING #London2012 has been chosen as best moment of the last quarter of a century >> #IPC25
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Feel so shit that I've not gone to uni and everyone else has
I just want to punch you in the throat
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Got some serious black eyes going on from being an a+ twat and dropping the lid of the guinea pig hutch on my nose
You really are unbelievable
Gonna miss @_JessHeasman sooooooo much 😫
Some people get it all.
iPads only been plugged in for about 5 minuets at a time. 6 days since last full charge. #trooper #pointlesstweet
I'm so done with everything
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I'm desperate for a shower but I've sat on my bed and can't move #rookieerror
So although I may have not got my dream job after falling at the final hurdle, I have seen @CollabroGlobal live at conference. 😍
Wednesday September 10th, suicide awareness day.
I think that's an important lesson to learn
The truth is you can work your arse off for something but if your face doesn't fit, it doesn't matter.
Definitely something I didn't want to see
Just finished billy and me, most amazing book ever and I couldn't put it down. Amazing. @MrsGiFletcher
Followers who RT have a chance to win this @jackeryinc phone charger NoPurchNec #Giveaway
Retweeted by Nao
The more I think about it, the more gutted I get
Chocking on a rowntrees princess crown. Oh the irony of that affair.
Had possibly nearly one of the best days of my life and a child hood dream so close to coming true
😍😍@namesjoe_oe_ 😍😍😍
Swimming tonight was so good, feel so much better for doing some exercise again πŸ‘ŒπŸŠ
Fed up of putting the effort in when no one wants to put the effort in with me
Turns out it's quite hard to take your pet guinea pig for a walk
The moon looks lovely tonight
Definitely did not buy a lead / harness so I can walk my guinea pigs
Teeth kill from having my retainers in 😫😁
Getting excited nowwwwwwwwww
Need to book my train tickets to London, but I need to get paid before this happens