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THE Benjamin Hall
Following my dreams...
That moment you finally make a decision to follow your dreams is when your life will change, otherwise you'll be stuck.
Each day is filled with brand new opportunities and I am taking advantage of every one of them.
You know you're heading down the right path when those you thought were close to you bail out at moments you need them most.
Because of my mentors, I can finally say I am pursuing my purpose passionately.
I've learned how to turn my back on fear.
Looking for established authors. RT this please!!
I love knowledge and truth. And I've found both! Ask me how!!!
It's not over......until I win!
Beginning a movement soon and only a few will be chosen. #StayTunedForMore
At the beginning of this year I made a vow to follow my dreams, and now I am closer than I ever imagined.
Knowledge alone is NOT power! You have been tricked! It is the application of knowledge that IS power! #StayTunedForMore!
The gift of helps! A gift that entails the essential elements for infinite success!
I've been entrusted with a gift!!
Okay so this severe obsession with buying phone cases from Amazon has to stop TODAY!! I cannot...
The less you know now..the better! #StayTunedForMore
I will sleep when I'm dead.
I'm building more than just a business. This is a movement. A way of life. A way out for those searching for that opening.
Working hard for my five years so that I can have the rest of my life to play.
When you make a decision to do things a little differently than you did before is when you will get different results.
Opportunity quietly creeps up to us from behind and if you don't respond, he tip toes away onto the next person. Don't miss your blessing!
I like to think of myself as an INFOpreneur. Go watch Jonathan Sprinkles, it'll make sense.
Man writing a business plan is hard.
And above all, live YOUR purpose on purpose.
My movement will start soon. I don't accept applications, only commitments. Stay tuned for more.