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Best thing ever: 7-year-old Dexter writes to NASA about how much he wants to go to Mars. Lo and behold, NASA responds
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Make Money Blogging: 13 Exclusive Tips To Boost Your ROI via @dukeo
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We estimate that there are enough children under 5 with ASD in hull to fill 7 nurseries!
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Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.Isaac Newton
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The Chameleon World of AspienGIRLS™: Fantasy, Acting and Masking as a coping strategy via @TaniaAMarshall @AspienGirl
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Professional Interview Series: Professor Uta Frith and I talk about Autism research and more via @TaniaAMarshall
Professional Interview Series: Award Winning Author Kathy Hoopman talks #allcatshaveaspergers via @TaniaAMarshall
Horses Helping People Or Equine Assisted Therapy via @TaniaAMarshall @AspienGirl
The Chameleon World of AspienGIRLS™: Fantasy, Acting and Masking as coping strategy via @TaniaAMarshall @AspienGirl
Autism Interview Series: The United States of Autism Movie with Rich Everts via @TaniaAMarshall
AspienGIRLS™ and the Social World: A Brief Look via @TaniaAMarshall @AspienGirl
Ask a Professional Q & A Series: Answering your Questions about Female Asperger Syndrome via @TaniaAMarshall
Aspienwoman Mentor Interview Series: Actress Olley Edwards makes a movie about female Aspergers via @TaniaAMarshall
Professional Q and A Series I: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions about Female Aspergers via @TaniaAMarshall
@TaniaAMarshall @AspienGirl Love love love KathyHoopman's books. My boys love them too. Used to educate classmates with success.
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@TaniaAMarshall @Mamamia @AspienGirl We, the late diagnosed, must support each other. I'm 45. I got diagnosed about a year ago.
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Discovering you have Asperger's Syndrome as a 45 year old female… … via @Mamamia @AspienGirl @TaniaAMarshall
Asperger’s on TV: John Elder Robison on The Bridge and What Sheldon Cooper Hath Wrought
Who has experienced the more subtle forms of Bullying? Being the subject of rumours, being made fun of or...
The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths
New blog post called "Burning Bridges Aspie-Style" coming soon #aspiekryptonite #autism #Aspergers #femaleaspergers #femaleautism
Chatting with the fabulous Kathy Hoopman right now:-) #allcatshaveaspergers #alldogshaveadhd #autism #Aspergers Whoop!