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@Anil01Can: @theAsliDemirci Asli dot dot dot dot dot” whass ya aim? to annoy me?😄
goodbye mom i am leaving this household i've found my career
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not one person understands my problems. There's no point explaining😁
you're all i need to whisper, in a world that only shouts
ah fml. Gotta be up at 5 and I see no sleep coming my way😢
took me 4 hours today to get home. I hate life rn😢
omg the whole westfield got emptied cos of security alert lol!
I don't expect my friends to holla everyday, nor do they expect me to holla everyday, we're busy adults LOL when we catch up we catch up.
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I'm not even mean yh but this fat gurl in my class will eat all of us including the books nd still be hungry
I admit I'm also a grumpy cow in the mornings😒
A Rolex doesn't make you rich & catching the bus doesn't mean you're broke. People are so deluded by image it's shocking.
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#Lucy was good. It takes few minutes to sink in but me and @TheOriginalRevz really enjoyed it😉.#MorganFreemann#LateNightFilmm#IMAXX
/ A real friend understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are, even... if you are getting older! 💖Happy Birthday @rsphotographs X
/ sidechicks be like..a lil attention bae? (not saying that i am a sidechick🙆 i was just being silly)
Getting to know someone is just overly long, I'd rather just not know the person
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Bought my girl this ring yesterday. Told her we in this for the long-run, my promise to her. 💍👫
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change is always needed at some point x
/ this birthday present is so so so special💖 #Love #TheOne
/ was compulsory for me! #HappyBunny #NeverEnough #Selfridges&Co #MakeUpAddict
every once in a while i check up on people i hate to make sure i still hate them i do
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/ Let us be grateful to people who make us happy❤️#TheOne
oo la la. 💖 #BirthdayAtTheShard
Happy Birthday to me.. From me!🙈
/ böyle bütün gün yat Aslı, işi gücü boşver yarın senin doğum günün deseler ne güzel olur ya💆 #Sleepy #BirthdayTomorrow #🎉
[parents aren't home] expectation: *has huge party* reality: *brings laptop to the living room instead of hiding in my room*
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/ gün aydın from silly me!
rın rın andırın, iki bakal bir fırın🔥
istanbul'da olduğumuz nasılda belli oluyor #Trafic #BosphorusBridge #BirFilmGibi🎥
absolutely love Istanbul😌 #SpoilMe #Turkey #Gr8Day
/ Optimum Shopping Centre Adana #Amazing #AtoZ
lol my turkish is not understandable and ppl try chat to me😭 so hard to keep a convo going
/ Omg it just about hit me😳, believe my eyes got watery the minute I saw 'C Way'. Thought he'd send the next assignment through😂. Ah mate from the beginning we have been taking liberties lol! #ClassJoke This isn't the yearbook so let me cut it short, goodluck to my favs love you all don't forget m
/ sevgililer adası adana💞
oh uni stress has begun. What online registration do they need fs, I'm on holiday😢
allah gösterdi kendini. Büyüksün Allahım❤️
keyfim yerinde😊 #GermanChocolateIsTheBest
I can't even swim, how brave was I to jump on the Jetski wave😂#WasSoSickk
I came Turkey on my ones yeah you'd think I'd get bored af but when I was on the beach I made soooo many friends. It was live. Beach Games!🏄
/ Selfie cekdiğime bakmayın.. Yandım yandım😢
🐪 Location: Heaven Hell🌐