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Hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride..Trying to holler at me //I don't want no scrub🎶
Am I happy Am I sad. I don't know😣
fresh kenyaaaaaa! #Starbucks #Enfield #TheSmellWakesYouUp STARBUCKS ANNIVERSARY ON THURSDAY 7th AUG. #Freebies💚
@LaurenGreenberg: Being an independent woman is like the loneliest thing ever.”
الحمد لله three life changing letters all under this month. really and truly blessed🙏
📚CONGRATUALATIONS TO ASLI DEMIRCI for securing her place at Greenwich University.#ProudMomentt#Confirmedd#Changess
do you just get those moods when you're happy one minute and the next moment you're depressed for no reason
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the fact that i can afford a full on holiday just makes me happy. #ProudMoment #ParentsAreLuckyToHaveADaughterLikeMe 😌
Well I'm a prick for going to these birthday meals so can I stfu now😄
i don't understand why someone invites you out for their bday meal nd expects you to pay. Bitch you invited me, i have free food at home😒
you're hosting a drink up but not providing drinks? Wtaf why would you waste ppls time
you can say I'm choosy And if you want to keep her then you should not introduce me #1997 #DomKennedy
@httpvibing: I like being alone, hate feeling lonely”
If you don't think someone is buff. Kool. But don't act like your opinion speaks for everyone.
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why do i look so grumpy @VolkanAKT ? naptin bana qanqa😂