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PartyNextDoor tickets for 120??? Bmt the party's at my yard now
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what kind of mythical creature opens their front camera and looks this good..
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ring ring pu$$y it's yo mummy on the phone
@Derpey: Screamer Prank With Ridiculous Reaction.” oh my God.😧
There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you. There's a 9% chance that you'll meet one of them in your lifetime.
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joni jeans > i need more.
allah hayırlı çoçuk nasip etsin. Amin🙏
Orlando Bloom (Legolas) makes me melt😩 He's 37 soon 38 & look how fit he is
@TheOriginalRevz: One last thing, i hate asli” i was waiting for this one to drop🙌
@TheOriginalRevz: I also hate shit hosts on call of duty with dead Internet !” I also hate exams in January😔
@TheOriginalRevz: 2015 will definetly be better than 2014 for me!” Oh isit now.😊
'Babe u got a man?' 'Yeah' 'So you're married?' 'No, I've just got a man' 'On government papers u tick single box right?' 'Yeah' 'Well then'
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Everyone knows each other and it's jarring
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Medway Campus is pretty
why am i still here😩
how wet and pretty Lndn City. #O2 #Greenwich
2:1 isn't bad for my first ever assignment at uni right😕
we've missed the premiere at Leicester Square but we will NOT miss the TRILOGY on Thursday @JosephTurrell #Buzzingg 🙌
honestly, i am scared for my life. Anyhow I flop any exams😪
I don't like repeating myself, if you ask me to repeat myself I'll just sit there and stare at you till you figure it out yourself
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Everybody having babies ... Nobody getting married 😕
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do u ever zone out but ur aware that ur zoned out but ur to lazy to zone back in
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Officer: sir, are you aware how fast you were going? "Well my snapchat selfie says 65 mph..." Officer: omg add me
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these assignments are pure stress. I'm not me anymore😕
i have a special thing for nose🙈
@hxrvey: i have everything i need to be happy yet i rarely am”