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What's happening?
Dear darling please excuse my writing i cant stop my hand from shacking.
Dont panic dont panic nigga dont panic
John Jonny Jonathan
Sitting on along's bed
Kenapa semua yang masuk mulut aku rasa mcm pahit je 😒
Aku 19 dan masih menumpang member untuk ke Chukai sebab aku tak pandai drive 😌
Siap sound aku injured lagi. Tak apa aku dulu pun ejek orang jugak. Sebab apa? God knows well 😌
Acah acah sedap main futsal 👎
God knows well
For 24 hours
Aint nigga aint lie homis
Shut your pipe hole
Damn dammit gadyng
I got 24 hours 24 hours
Cause its to cold for you here #np
Dont panic dont panic nigga dont panic #np
Coming down.
Dont panic we just start it nigga dont panic
Puji zizan handsome kena cop gay terus
Jealous pulak tengok along sent sent gambar dalam group family
Kenapa makin kuat rasa ni? Hm
Lagi pejam mata lagi sakit 😔
Iloveyou sayang and nothing can change that.
One love two mouth one love one mouth no shirt no blouse // The Nbhd
Heading the cloud but my gravity centered.
Cause its to cold for you here and now so let hold both your hand in the hole of my sweater.
Take a deep breathe
The hole of my sweater #np
I hate the beach but i stand in California with my toes in the sands.
All im is a man i wan the world in my hand.
I got 24 hours 24 hours
Cause its to cold
Hey there delilah never gets old
Kata panadol extra 😒
Im searching for a song tonight #np
Maxis jangan lah buat hal
Cause its to cold ol ol ol ollll for me here
Weh sejuknya dekat luar rumah *gosok gosok tangan*
How come Adele can set the fire thru the rain?
But darling stay with me // Sam Smith
Baru 24 sejuk doh. Nok duduk US gane gini 😂
24 degree celsius here in Chukai
Weh sejuknya
So sejuk fuh fuh