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Hector E. Cisneros
Want to take your business to the world? READ: What Does it Take to Go Global? |
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Sybil had 7 faces - How may faces does Facebook have?
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More Cyber Augmentation - We are becoming the BORG! Read more:
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If your a Teckie your going to love this Check Out - More Star Trek Tech |
Success comes in many flavors - Here are a dozen way to Tweet you to the next level:
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Lost in space was a cool 60ies show - But its not cool if your website is lost in Cyberspace! More here:
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Check out the latest Tub-Talk - It fun and funny plus has good info on Bathroom Redesign:
I love Hummingbirds - but this one kill thousands of web site - Read more here:
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Business advice never chase market share go after wallet share -…
I use LinkedIn almost daily - Here are some of my Secrets you can use to get ahead:
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When advertiser say SEO - it usually followed by lies - Here's how to translate the truth:
Here are 5 elements that help make videos go viral:
I just found out that Mike Super - the Illusionist fr NBC's Phenomenon is coming to NE Fl in Dec - Learn more:
How we use the Internet has changed, so the question remains: Does Internet Ranking Really Matter? |
Business advice how to network in the 21st century -…
The 6 million dollar man was a cool show - Now we have real people who are Bionic:
You's heard of Bitcoins Right? & Bandits Right? How about Bitcoin Bandits?
Maximize the + in GOOGLE, Check out - Maximizing the Plus in Google+ Brand Pages |
The Connector Social Media Predictions are right 98% of the time - How do they stack up with your's?
Are you wearing any of these things? If not - here's what you need to know:
Here are 3 Secrets to delivering great marketing messages - one or all can help you:
Can you see whats coming? Be Ready READ: Working the Web - Is There a Cyber Attack in Your Future? |
What's in a Name? It can be everything positive or nothing but negative - here's what you need to know:
Things are changing real FAST! Are Your ready? READ: Are You Prepared for Technological Extinction? |
The web is like the wild west - You need to know who's wearing the White hats & the Black hats to survive:
Who say Google+ Sucks! READ: The Ghost Says Boo! |
Businesses that are innovating are prospering - Here are several way to help yours:
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Regular donations are down but there is hope - Read more here:
Remember the robot in saying "Danger Will Robinson!" - Well that's what we should be saying about Big Data:
Get a Free 1/2 hour business Phone Coaching Session with coach Steve -
Need more INNOVATION in your business? READ: The Internet: The Ultimate Innovation Station |
Obi-wan said "these aren't the droids your looking for" - However these are the ones you'll be seeing:
Clay County UNTAPPED is today at 5 PM - Only 10 bucks! See you there! ; )

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