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I just can't believe it twitter suspended me for no reason lol it's just.. Ri-donk-culous
I put my fresh new sharpies on my bed.. It's missing 1 sharpie when I get back. Wtf's happening here?! Is there a Thimbletack in my house?!
Sometimes I admire myself to cope with life #true
This girl's no good at all. But it took some balls.. So I appreciate that. But note it, you're hideous. Lol
That's it. I decided to be famous. Lol. Not that famous. THAT famous.
Ew! WTF?! Sharpie sets up an outrageously price.. From $1.00 to $1.20.. $1.75 to $2.00 I'm broke nigga!
Lol I'm laughing at myself rn
LOL! I love my life! *LOL! Biggest lie ever!
I'm gettin a full house twice in a row when playing poker.. How great is that?!?!
Seriously you guys, Asking Alexandria's getting creepier lol
I'm proud of all my wrongs, thanks to that I can go directly to the rights
I am so pissed right now
Just when I change the channel, BOOM!! Rise Against's on
STAR WARS RT @high_on_glitter: Star Wars vs Game of Thrones!
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