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Not marrying her is the best way to love her forever.
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Tobacco causes cancer, and alcohol causes dancer.
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TL: G1: I love Messi. G2: Yes, Messi is awesome. DM: G2: Didi, Messi kaun hain? G1: Pagli, meri nayi hairstyle hain.
Papa Kehte hain VADA naam karega- Sambhar
झुंझला सी जाती है जिंदगी भी, उम्मीद कम और सवाल ज्यादा जो होने लगे हैं।
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So delhi metro has officially started sucking.
An app which automatically cuts off the phone whenever someone speaks 'Aur batao'.
The most honest person in the world is someone who laughs hard when he types LOL.
When In doubt, do a twitter fight.
Happy birthday to the man who raised me and made me who I am. Happy Birthday papa :)
Torres naina laage piya saawre- Torres wife #FifaWorldCup
I am at #SSMeetUp. Who all are here?
The ultimate solution of all the problem is to become rich.
A man in love is hopeless.
We hear very little and we understand even less.
This one client agreed to everything without suggesting any changes at all & left quickly. I'm assuming he has loosemotions or something.
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Going to #ssmeetup tonight! Who all are coming?
FIFA nahi Fufa hota hai. Messi nahi Massi hoti hai. What's wrong with you all Football fans out there?
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I like out of the box ideas and Pizza.
To err is Human, to purrr is Cat.
.@ZoomTV @AftabShivdasani Congrats, May you get all the happiness of the Sharda university.
Just can't wait to read GOAAAAAAL tweets.
Tiger shroff went to SHERda university.
Sun is the not only thing which rises up in the morning.. Temperature also rises up.
All the gujjus went to SHAHrda university.
Teri jaati hain meri aati nahi.. Girl friend.
Once I used to Tweet gudh now I tweet butter.
#ReplaceMovieNameWithTatti shows how shitty is twitter turning day by day.
.@iamsrk Rahul is a cheater, Rahul is a cheater.
Life may give you a second chance but your boss won't.
Delhi trends< India trends< Sharda university trends
Play hide & seek with a 2 year old who hides behind the same curtain & still laughs on being caught everytime. Learn happiness.
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Sharda university is the Whatsapp of offline world because everyone is at Sharda university.
#WhenIWasAKid the world was not in Sharda university.
"Gareeb aadmi ko garmi nahi, bhookh lagti hai."- cab guy while looking at a beggar
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You and I in this beautiful world.... Errrrr...Sharda University! ~ Students of S.U.
Sharda Uni. student spotted RT @sam143afs guys this guy @Social_Spartan is talking rubbish with @chetan_bhagat on #kick tweet .charge on him
In the other news, Uday Chopra fan club was started by an alumni of Sharda university.
.@chetan_bhagat How much do you charge for one paid tweet?
Sharda University: Mam, we would like to invite you as a chief guest in our fest. Alia Bhatt: Thanks, par mere pass passport nahi hain.