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Ashton Irwin
Illiterate Ashton strikes back
When you can't operate a microwave and you're food comes out like a bowl of red hot lava
Had the weirdest awesomest time ever last night... Happy Halloween, nearly 👽
Last night was a good time with my mismatch Halloween buddies
Eating a gingerbread man at 3:34am
So there's a new video out of us making dicks of ourselves on the good girls video shoot, here it is 😄
Ashton constantly laughs at himself because he knows it makes you live longer. Duh
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I just ate half a kilo of MAN STEAK
@Ashton5SOS What? How did you know that's EXACTLY what we had planned?
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I've loved this band since I was a kid, I still love them now, this is one of my favorite albums ever by Silverchair! You could and should have a listen xo
I've loved this band since I was a kid, I still love them now, this is one of my favorite albums ever @Silverchair
Can't tell you how much I loved making this video, it was the first time we got to do a tiny bit of acting hahaha
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listening to the 5sos album for like the 53726 time
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I cannot explain to you how excited I am to get back on the stage and rock out with you guys, what an incredible thing.. Wow
We are gonna be on the Ellen show! 🙈😄👍
Goodnight everyone xx
Wanna see how I got this mustache, well I made a video haha with a massive thank you to @meltingwonderland_
By the way still can't believe we are up for for ARIA's, I'm so stoked! And our families are super proud, hope you are too! X
Listening to this a lot today, Go listen to this album if you like rock, it rules! X
Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt, and it feels like I'm alive
Writing more and more again, feels nice 😄
Having the girliest night in of my life...
Having a really great time at home, chilling out this afternoon on the couch, gonna watch some movies, and I just wanted to say hi x
Love these dudes, feeling very happy today 😄 peace! Love you!
Havin some good times in Newcastle, Australia, so nice to chill out 😄
At my local mall today, two shops had our songs playing, and I seen our book in a shop, I'm so stoked 😄 couldn't believe it!
Bought my first watch ever lol 😄👍 need to know the time? Well I'll attempt to tell
Random party bongos
I told this dog it looked like a marshmallow, and now it hates me
EEEK! BIG, BIG news today! @5SOS is playing at the 2014 #AMAs & 5SOSFAM share their excitement with us: #5SOSonAMAs
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Sending Yoda voice impressions too everyone on my contacts list, I'll have no friends by then end of the day
Guys surely we've established after all these years that I suck at the general use of grammar, can we all move along from this lol
HI :) just a little video too say hi and thank you and all that good stuff, big love xx!Zouneab
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USA. still some tickets left for our Phoenix & second LA shows next month if you wanna come !
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