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Ashtray ☠
My Wifi stronger then half y'all relationships 😂
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back door cracked we dont need a key, we get in for freeee😝
omg "if u seek amy" used to be my favorite effing song!!!!
who else got all the thing you need at 4 am when it's late?
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Kick me in the balls — please just bang your head on the wall as hard as possssible.
I would pay you 100 dollars to spit in my face — i would pay myself $100 to step on ur face with high heels that...
still trying to figure out where all of the sexual boys on tumblr live 😍
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If a guy asked you to kick him in the nuts would you ?? — no clueeee
I bet a lot of guys stare at your cleavage!!! WOWWEEE — probs
Ever played footsie with a guy? ;) — no
How do you get into the bars if you're only 20? — because i got it like dattttt
Have you ever been with a real man? — yessssss
do you tell it like it is — of course.
haha how'd the guy react to the kick there? lmao — almost threw up lol but i apologized because it was my friend...
He said you didn't have the balls to do it? Lol I guess he's the one without the balls now — lmaooo
lol well did you poop today? — i did
Have you ever thrown your drinks at one of those creeps — yes
Why have you kicked a guy in the balls before? — because they were rude & i was drunk lol.
When was the worst time you have ever needed to poop? — ummmm i dont even know lmao.
How old are you? — 20. im such a baby.
Why did you kick his balls and was it funny? — it was one of my friends when we were drunk lol. it was just beca...
What's your best girlfriends first name? — aimee.
Do you have to say my eyes are up here often.. — if im at a bar i usually have to say something to a couple cree...
In the balls! ouch. have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts before? — yes i have
How would you target his balls :O — kick him with my high heels.
What do you do/say when you see guys staring at your ... — they aint gonnnnnna grab demselves!!!! loljk i say uh...
Do you still occasionally use your cleavage to get what you ... — not realllly lol i what i want regardless likeeee
I'm the anon that has been harassing girls for pics of there feet in socks and black tights on ask. So... — weirdo.
what if he grabbed you by the arms before you grabbed something? — then his balls would be my main target
do you take punishment seriously when you are enforcing — well duh
Have you ever been blonde? — no lmaooo. thinking about doing it though.
What color do you dye your hair? — different shades of a dark brown.
whats a big turn off? — if a guy does not smell good.
do you like apples? — yeppp
do you think ray rice should be out of nfl?i feel he will be back next yr — yesss i think he should be out.
wht is your opinion on ray rice situation? — so pathetic.
how are you — greeeeeat how about yaaself?
I want someone to say, one day I wrote this girl asking her a hand, help, and that same day I... — lol okaaaay boo.
QUEEN ASHLEY! — hey boo lol.
هيهات ان ينتصر باطل علےحق وان انتصر فان نصرهم قصير وسوف يهزمون نحن خرجنا لهم برجال يشتهون الموت لاكرهاً بالحياة بل حباً للقاء الله جل فےعلاه
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Who's Tiffany? — no clue???
Do you dye your hair? — yes.
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