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Ashli Mills
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hi you're cute — hi, um thanks?
Ask me a question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
coffee whitener is my fucking savior <3
finally starting my Lola Rennt / Run Lola Run essay :3
A broken pencil — a broken pencil who ?
How often do you work out? — hahahaha this is a trick question right?
i really need some cute jumpers to go with my new boots but i have no money, sigh :(
follow me on instagram? @ ashlifranko_94 . i need to follow more people so i will follow back :3
@ashli_franKo94 Xbox One. No alternatives. Anything else and your dead to me.
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think im gonna buy a X Box or a Playstation in January, not sure though.
Prepare for a bombardment of terrible jokes ;D Knock, Knock... — whos there?
when internet shopping NEVER BUY CHIFFON! its horrid material and never looks like it does in the photo!!
think im gunna have to buy my first coat, all i ever wear are jackets
i have no idea how people can have so many friends, i get stressed to hell with just 7 of them
its sending out the wrong message to her teeny bopper fans who will start wielding knifes and throwing shit off their boyfriends :L not cool
the songs catchy but the music videos fucked up :L
it that was a dude singer abusing a girl the feminazi's would be having a field day.
coz all i can see is that shes telling people its ok to abuse their boyfriends because they love it and if they dont they can be replaced
so is there an actual hidden message behind Taylor Swifts new music video that ive missed????
fancy seeing the worst film ever?… youre welcome :)
follow me on instagram @ ashlifranko_94 :)
listening to cheesy 90's pop whilst cleaning the kitchen :3
so how was everyones day? :)
No you're a poo (the knock knock joke) :D IT'S SO TERRIBLE! — oh my god i love it XD
I have a feeling ive made too much soup
Got my multi coloured dinosaur socks on tiday, please... try not to die of jealousy ;)
currently exporting the worst 2 minute film in history.... you can tell we left this to the last minute...
i hate hanging up :(
im the angel of the lord — LIKE THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
Dare: Put make up on a boy — CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
It's part of the knock, knock joke — ohhhhhh, whos there ?
ok miley can you just stop now? we get it you ' cant be tamed ' but its really getting old now
Would you rather cheese toasties or egg bread? — dude....... both :)
*makes gremlin noises* naym naym naym naym
just sat eating lemon juice mixed with sugar out of a cup.... mmmmmm.....
ive started using my instagram again, follow me ? @ ashlifranko_94
just tyo be clear, unfollow me and i will unfollow back, the only reason i follow back is to be nice, i dont have to -_-
i need to stop going from one extreme to another, i either tweet too much or not at all, there is no middle ground
"@ashli_franKo94: so how is everyone today then?" I'm great! Thanks. You?
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haha if more people gave a damn id attempt to get #stababitch trending haha