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Ashli Mills
I took the photo at the wrong moment and found a monster
My eye make ups actually gone right today :3
Black abd white selfie, about to go for bubble tea with gran :3
cant seem to stop listening to cher lately, and no not cher fucking lloyd, shes just annoying as fuck :3
why do people assume women wear make up and shave their legs for men? i like wearing make up, dying my hair n making my legs smooth for me
damn it Kate and Daniel really need to get together, Donnie needs to fuck off. #Perception :3
i was looking online for self adhesive hooks for uni and came across this... ummmm o.o
The dvds im taking with me to uni, no where to put the rest so they have to stay at home :(
The best part of cats are their little poofys c:
i need some new music to listen to :L
:o i havnt seen a single ice bucket challenge on facebook today, hooorah :3
how do you even sell twitter accounts because i dont even use my back up for my back up account anymore :L
Ask me some questions before i go to sleep ? :3
think i got a place to live XD now just gotta to get stuff for the house
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dooo bee dooo bee dooooo
MOVING OUT IN JUST OVER TWO WEEKS... into a flat surrounded by flats with over 600 students all drinking and partying :( help me
How would you explain color to a blind man? — the same way to describe music to a deaf person, sadly you just ca...
i think i might do a follow spree because im bored :3
sooooooooo..... how is everyone? :)
sorry ive been neglecting my twitter recently, i'll be tweeting more regularly soon :3
i havent been on ask in a while, ask me a question? :3
i think im either gunna delete my channel and stop vlogging all together or start a new and from when i get to uni, i really dont know...
i'm really not sure whether or not to carry on you-tubing, i just cant muster up the passion to keep doing it lately
Trying to wash a dog the size of the bath isnt the easiest thing in the world
think im gunna spend all of tomorrow doing different short courses and things :3 starting with psychology
let me know if you do check it out :D
if your interested in greek mythology i highly recommend this!, its easy to follow and just amazing :3
just started a free online course on Greek mythology, i do love Greek mythology hoping i can finish it before uni though
ive just signed up to do a free online course in October in psychology
in what horror movie/show did the characters call the zombies 'deaders' its been on my mind for ages but i cant remember :L
Went for a nap at two o'clock yesterday afternoon noon and only just woke up :\
Nudges grandma to wake her up and she rolls over and falls straight out of bed, oh my god XD
Found this at work only like 17 weeks till Christmas :3
@ashli_franKo94 It was my least favourite out of all 90's TV shows.
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i officially have the best boyfriend on the planet <3
am i the only one who hated 'saved by the bell' ? i cant remember why but i bloody hated that show so much when i was little
Found a black wig.... I think imma stick with blue hair :3