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Ashli Mills
might be planning to go to Greece in April :3
havn done this in so long, ask me a question? :3
Did you quit making youtube videos? I was gonna watch... — ive stopped for now until i figure out exactly what i...
woke up feeling refreshed, done a bit of food shopping, just set a wash off and now im gunna do my room feeling so good today
does any one even use the wii fit board anymore?
Eating sherbet before bed was a bad call..
Mmmmmmm, dont lie, this looks incredible :3
some bags are just made for the shit
@ashli_franKo94 My phone keeps auto correcting mine (Alexa) to 'leg muffins'...
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why does my phone keep trying to auto correct my name 'Ashleigh' to fucking flashlight?
i need to stop fucking tweeting and go to uni...
i need to buy more straws
my room looks like a bombs hit, i swear to god i better not get a surprise inspection because i'll be screwed XD
i think ive tweeted more this morning than i have collectively all month..
sat listening to taylor swifts old albums, fucking hell i need a life
my tastes are so cheap, i cant eat ben and jerrys because its to rich, i hate expensive pizza, give me icelands own brand any day.
tried being fancy and bought a slightly more expensive coffee and it tastes bloody awful
i can not cope with this whole 'going to lectures' shit
caramel chocolate spread on toast with a nice coffee for breakfast :3
not even gunna bother straightening my hair today, as soon as i go out side i'll have a fucking afro with this weather
im not going out in that.... nope
meh i have to be up in two hours anyway...
showing my gran and granddad the effects on the laptop and its just the cutest thing ever, i apologize for my voice…
a year ago id never even entertain the thought of wearing a dress but now i actually love them :3
Its fine, who needs to be able to breath anyway -_-
what the fuck sam peppers still a thing? i thought he liked died or something after big brother.....
Which fairytale you’d like to live in? — the 'once upon a time' story brook as you have magic and wifi :3
gunna have to get used to being in uni 5/7 days :(
now playing - Classic - MKTO :3
awww seeing grandma today for the first time since i moved........ a week ago... shes bringing pie.. i love pie
whats another word for slippers?
i wonder how many times ive seen the same bird twice
Left a lovely message for the guys in my flat today.
im hungry but not hungry
I took the photo at the wrong moment and found a monster
My eye make ups actually gone right today :3
Black abd white selfie, about to go for bubble tea with gran :3