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Ashli Mills
Uhhh so my grans tattooist also tattooed Micheal Clifford.... am I supposed to know who that is ?
At the tattoo parlour with grandma for her tattoo
can not stop listening to 'Style - Taylor Swift' at the moment <3
gonna pop to Aldi and get this weeks food shop out of the way then watch as many films as i can today :3
i really have no idea what im doing on this course, i seriously can not compete with these films
coldsore, caldswore, coldslow, chalsore
im thinking of getting my hair cut like this.... opinions?
I look bloody gourmless on this picture. Had to help Marcel with his photography yesterday. I looked…
follow me on instagram ? @ ashlifranko_94 ? :)
add me on snap chat ? @ ashlimills95 :)
I dont even know what my hair cut is, good god
Dunno if I should bring back my full fringe
cleaning my room, ask me some questions?
@ashli_franKo94 Awh Thankyou! Let's both be brave together and go for it! <33
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before i start again though i need to consider a schedule and content etc and the scariest part would be my class mates finding out
it doesnt matter theres no point anyway, those videos are just as fucking shit as the films i make anyhow
ok im thinking of starting my Youtube channel back up again, what do you all think?? is it something yous would like or should i just not?
ewwww cheap bread does not make good toast
anyway, check out my new 1 minute film?…
the film im editing is worth 60% of my fucking grade and its shot, this is only the second time ive ever colour corrected o.o
I CAN NOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG!!! ♫ Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor #NowPlaying
I'm playing #12DaysofMonsoon with @monsoon for a chance to win prizes, why not have a go?…{"invitedBy":"y5vwuvwxlo"}
assistant editied - New Tube Season 2, Episode 2 | Trev Gibb, Hyde & Beast and Gallery Circus: via @YouTube
heyyyyy!!! Ask me a question??????????
if anyone wants a free 'Graze box' just use this discount code 'Z5GDMRQYP' :)
someone write this script for me because ONE CAN NOT BE ARSED!
got to admit i am loving Megan Trainors new song 'Lips are Movin'
cant believe i forgot i had a seminar this afternoon :L
ask me some questions while im doing some editing?
you're really cute :3 — awwwwwwwww :3 thankies
youd think the fact that im allergic to coffee would make me stop drinking it everyday... nope
thanks everyone for your help :D
if someone wanted to buy me this beauty for Christmas i would not be complaining, oh my god XD…
ooo i think i may be getting the hang of this snapchat thing now :3 add me 'ashlimills95'
oh i feel silly now XD
now theres a 1 on my red box and a 5 on my purple box but when i click the purple box it just shows me my 2 contacts and nothing else :L
why has snap chat sent me a video but WONT LET ME FUCKING VIEW IT?! do i have to change some settings or is my phone just a pile of doody ?
why are there numbering in the red and purple squares?