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Ashley Nunn
To Jenna watch your language where I come from we don't talk like that by using badwords. If we do we get mouth wash of soup .
Trying figure out why #Danville #Va is having #rain and #thunder.
Trying to figure out why my picture came up side ways
#InpracticalJokers will you guys do me favor, watch your laungage In my family we don't say badwords If we do we have mouth was wish soap
I know that Robin Williams is no pain now He is in good hands with the lord .RIP Robin Williams 😢
I think Twitter should #Hashtag NFL team this season make the hashtag team look like similar to what #worldcup2014 did #gousa
Why do fathers have to touch their daughters tshirt when it has a run in their t shirt? Why can't they keep their hand to themself thank u.
Just got this #KellyandMichael sticker. Check out my 69 other stickers on #tvtag
Just wondering Where is Kelly and Micheal I am seeing in retaping that Anne Hathaway is ... #KellyandMichael #tvtag
I woke up to #ThrowBackDisney #tbt Kim Possible then Lelo and Stich
Just got this #Checkin sticker. Check out my 69 other stickers on #tvtag
I am so looking forward to the emmy nominated show Happy #WahlburgerWednsday #Wahlburgers #tvtag
Just got this limited #AGT sticker. Get yours now #tvtag #AGT
I hope the dog and the owner wins #AGT #tvtag
Monday Mom and dad and Amy and I was shopping in the Mall in Richmond. Mom think that I'm a large I'm a xl
Brightest nail Polish it look like it would glow in the dark lol:):D
I have perfect item for State Fair at Danville Pennsylvania County Fair. It a Coolest Cucumber I ever…
Genie Your Free RIP Robin Williams
This little guy miss both me, mom.,dad, Amy
RIP Robin Williams snap that is so sad hear that my heart gout to. Robin Family
I think the word Troll shouldn't be in people vocaulary and The dictionary. Just saying To me that word is uncalled for Be Nice
Happy Sunday everybody.
To my new neighbor look forward not behind you. Take a picture it will last longer.
#RiseNGrind the before u whip your kids ask yourself this (?) 1. Do I see myself with ticket with my name on it? 2.Do I See myself in jail?
Happy New Kids On The Block Anniversary on @muzy
My Happy Backstreet Anniversary on @muzy
Don't take everything to seriously at a time. Laugh More enjoy your day more.
#textgram Don't take everything to seriously at a time. Laugh More enjoy your day more.
To all blogers please do me favor and not talk bad bout people on your blog please talk about them in good way not. Thank you sincerly me
Has anybody has the Boston Cream Pie flavor Yogart It really Good that you can Get at Aldies the brand it is Active Fit.
Good Morning everybody
Hay Courtney have you ever relise that you misspelled Mr. Carters Namev It Aaron just saying I don't know if iton corect your english sorry
I am Katy Perry! Which Pop Princess Are You?? Take @charactersquiz's quiz to find out!…
I just added the Red Rose header via @headerjunction! You can too at
I just added the Hello Kitty header via @headerjunction! You can too at…
Drink more water No Redbull. Water is better than Redbull I never Redbull. I'm not aloud to Drink power Drink Power Drink are had news