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Ashley Nunn
To Jenna watch your language where I come from we don't talk like that by using badwords. If we do we get mouth wash of soup .
Trying figure out why #Danville #Va is having #rain and #thunder.
Trying to figure out why my picture came up side ways
#InpracticalJokers will you guys do me favor, watch your laungage In my family we don't say badwords If we do we have mouth was wish soap
I know that Robin Williams is no pain now He is in good hands with the lord .RIP Robin Williams 😢
I think Twitter should #Hashtag NFL team this season make the hashtag team look like similar to what #worldcup2014 did #gousa
Why do fathers have to touch their daughters tshirt when it has a run in their t shirt? Why can't they keep their hand to themself thank u.
Just got this #KellyandMichael sticker. Check out my 69 other stickers on #tvtag
Just wondering Where is Kelly and Micheal I am seeing in retaping that Anne Hathaway is ... #KellyandMichael #tvtag
I woke up to #ThrowBackDisney #tbt Kim Possible then Lelo and Stich
Just got this #Checkin sticker. Check out my 69 other stickers on #tvtag
I am so looking forward to the emmy nominated show Happy #WahlburgerWednsday #Wahlburgers #tvtag
Just got this limited #AGT sticker. Get yours now #tvtag #AGT
I hope the dog and the owner wins #AGT #tvtag
Monday Mom and dad and Amy and I was shopping in the Mall in Richmond. Mom think that I'm a large I'm a xl
Brightest nail Polish it look like it would glow in the dark lol:):D
I have perfect item for State Fair at Danville Pennsylvania County Fair. It a Coolest Cucumber I ever…