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So many things I want to say but roughly 0 ways to effectively express those things.
Fighting strong urges to destroy something with my hands
Sometimes I hate everything but I'm trying to be more positive and just hate half of everything.
I'd like to sleep for a month.
Everyone is fighting their own battle some even a less shitty.
It's been a long time since I've really felt strong feelings of pride towards being an American. Today it's pouring out of my ears.
She said I wanna do right but not right now.
It's weird being far from everyone you love and it's weird to feel you're losing parts of yourself you once knew really well. Life is weird
But on the other hand it's also weird how emotional I am.
It's weird how I used to tell social media everything.
Brb spending an entire paycheck on dessert.
Yo I'm at my first California fest and it's cool outside. What's happening?
Yoooo @colemanhell is my main musical homie currently.
The @Chase sapphire reward points program is a piece of shit.
Santa Barbara is so money......
California has been kind thus far
I'm at work right now but I'm actually in a suite. Go Giants!
I want gumbo
The best bbq in the bay is like the worst by Texas standards.
Everything the light touches is the bay.
You don't know terrified until you watch someone else load your records into a moving truck
This one truly never gets old......(I'm talking about my mother and this picture.) Happy Mother's Day!
"So you agree you think you're pretty"
Last fling before the.....byeeeeeee #lebanesepale #witchy
The most beautiful email I've ever received from my new job "do you prefer a PC or a Mac?"
Teaching my person what Tony Chachere's is.
They say yo hood is a pot of gold
#may #weather #notmayweather
It's 4:30 and I'm at the airport in heels SOS
Pulling an all nighter because excited.
The OG (original gang). 😭😭❤️
There are some truly hateful and horrible people in this world.
My phone has been revived from the swim it took in the pompano club toilet along with this priceless picture of some good pals. #jillfoundherbeau #rice #iphonerepairkiosk #lindatotherescue
Nederland: where you're always in high school
Needless to say I got a free crush in
Hamilton Pool Hiking Honeys
Sometimes I forget that I'm not actually friends with celebrities and like their Instagram pictures
I need cereal delivery pronto.
I've texted almost everyone in my phone book to tell them how hungry I am.
Siblings are cool, siblings are fun, especially when you're the youngest one 😜

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