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Wouldn't it be funny if snoop dogg said "how about you d-o-double don't"
Hello Twitter, I'm seeing our lord and savior Frank Ocean next weekend. Will report back how the new album sounds.
Can't sleep because I'm awake in someone else's dreams.....LMAO JK more melatonin please.
As a human it's okay to not know what you're feeling.
Comet is such a good movie omg Netflix bless you.
Oh and that whole gender pay gap thing sucks too.
The number one thing I hate about being a woman is getting so angry I cry.
A guy I met in a bar in New York a year ago just texted me the fake texting bubble gif......I hate today
This is not my dog but that does NOT stop me from celebrating her birthday with pup cakes.
Million dollar idea: pretzel taco shells or soft pretzel tortillas.
Just bought a flight from SFO to LAX because I can't be bothered.
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters.
PSA: @united 's "local Houston number" for baggage is actually someone in India.
FYI this is what baseball teams eat when they fly
But like the VMAs are so trash anyway. I get the point but let's talk about the Grammys or something.
OMG SHOES. One for me and one not for me.
Like someone get me a puppy and bye. Eternal happiness. Till death do us part ✌🏼️
Yo Twitter I'm back to overshare, but I remember being so freaked out that I wasn't going to get married now Idk if I even want that.
Looking at timehop just makes me realize how manic I am.
Need steak delivered now.
Home video of me in high school.
If the sun sets in California and you don't take a picture through your dirty windshield, did it even happen?
Yo I went to bed at 8:30 last night and woke up at 7:30. I could have slept longer.....
I don't know how to sneaker head but I want dope nikes. Plz help.
I'm annoyed with people I've never met and things I've never experienced.
Adults that claim Disney World is their favorite place have obviously never left the United States.
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what's expected....
Thanks for having us at your California home Mick, it was swell!
I know it's 2015 and not 2005 but's Dashboard Confessional....THERES NO S AT THE END.
In honor of venturing to see the big cheese this weekend a #tbt from my coffee table book "Unhappy Kids of Disney"
Need more west coast tweeters for insomnia purposes.
So many things I want to say but roughly 0 ways to effectively express those things.
Fighting strong urges to destroy something with my hands
Sometimes I hate everything but I'm trying to be more positive and just hate half of everything.
I'd like to sleep for a month.
Everyone is fighting their own battle some even a less shitty.
It's been a long time since I've really felt strong feelings of pride towards being an American. Today it's pouring out of my ears.
She said I wanna do right but not right now.
It's weird being far from everyone you love and it's weird to feel you're losing parts of yourself you once knew really well. Life is weird
But on the other hand it's also weird how emotional I am.
It's weird how I used to tell social media everything.
Brb spending an entire paycheck on dessert.

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