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Hey my tiny nephew started playing football today yet somehow I'm the one waiting to get a CT scan for my possible concussion.
Sometimes I just read through @humansofny and cry
Rolling with the homies.
You can find me here for the next 8 hours
Today I almost drowned 4 times.
This is where we listen to Dashboard.
Today was v mediocre.
Casual trip to Santa Cruz
Fairy tales are not real. Quit sabotaging your kids' adult happiness.
Holy crap today was horrible
#rare footage of me competing at my last iron man race…
Audrey Hepburn had her own dialect it's called Princess.
Google anything with "for twenty something's" after it and you'll get results. Thus proving our generation has a weird need to be coddled.
Quick reminder that blue bell killed two people. Further proof that the south's obsession with unhealthy food is embarrassing.
Being in my car and not having to watch it…
I know Kanye is an asshole but let's all take a moment to remember the fact that we wrote the world's most adorable song for his mom.
All these other artists being so generous. Dropping surprise albums, dropping free albums. Frank Ocean can't even stick to his release date
I want to eat Foie Gras cotton candy every day for the rest of my life.
Last night I had foie gras cotton candy
Brb having a quick 25 course dinner in Beverly Hills.
Okay I live in California but I need to reside in LA.
Yo @karenwalker keeps this lady extra shady
Obligatory blurry photo of Kanye. Where art thou Frank Ocean?
What. Is. Sleep.
2015 accomplishments. Crying during an entire 1.5 hour flight
3 years ago I just landed in London for my biggest adventure. Today I'm crying in an airport.
I feel too much
Wasted so much money on @FYFFEST so trash
Pre-fest brunch is a must.
The only thing #frankocean has showed up to in the past year is the met gala.
I never really woke up this morning
Frank Ocean put his old mix tapes on Spotify and y'all thought that was his new album...fools
I would like a soft pretzel delivered to my bed.
Shouts out to Facebook for reminding me what a drunk mess college was. Very blest that I just drink a little and get sleepy now.
Is it Friday yet?
One of the nicest things you can do for someone is pack their lunch.
Why isn't the world ready to respect every woman as a strong, powerful, opinionated being? I'm tired of saying sorry.
I can't sleep because of who I am as a person.
Good chance I'm more emo now than I was in high school.
Most likely to stress eat an entire refrigerator before actually confronting another human: Ashley Nicholas
❀️😍 What a wonderful surprise on a Wednesday
I swear to Gloria Estefan if someone tells me who A is before I watch PLL heads will roll.
Wouldn't it be funny if snoop dogg said "how about you d-o-double don't"

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