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Quick reminder that Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal.
#tbt just in time for the holidays. Christmas pictures with my pals feat. my sweet disposition #cantjumpina5inchheel
My neighbor is a French Bulldog and I'm feeling v v BLEST rn.
Records are a BITCH when moving.
I've been trying to tell you people I'm a mermaid.
I have found the only Taylor Swift song that's still on Spotify and I have been listening to it on repeat all day. Who am I?
How I text males "haha (insert whatever I actually wanted to say)."
2 people have commented that I'm wearing less black today.....
RT if u cry evrytim you listen to Sam Smith's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
There's fantasy sports why not fantasy Grammys? I'm drafting @samsmithworld
I need Lorde saying "there it is" as my text tone NOW
There it is
Actual thing I just said when asked "is he thirsty?": "girl he needa take a straw to Lake Superior"
HEY IT'S ME your facebook friend from high school who never left our hometown & thinks Olive Garden is fancy. Anyway here's a racist article
Retweeted by Ashley
Sitting here wondering how long I could exist off of 2,000 dollars in Italy.
SOS please come help me pack up my room.
Sweet Disposition is my theme music
Probably going to start marketing infinity scarves as "Adult Bibs"
This is Not a Game by The Chemical Brothers and Miguel is a work of art.
My next blog will be called "food I eat in my car"
I ate in n out in my car last night now my steering wheel is too greasy to grip. I am a monster.
Brunch with Bradley #boozehound
Bright lights big city, goin to my head
You're a masquerade
When you live in Austin but don't have a dog it's necessary to "borrow" one
I will find anyone and everyone to talk about Italy with.
True Life: I'm obsessed with my hair
Baby boy you stay on my mind, fulfill my fantasies 😍
If I were on the radio: "This song makes me cry so turn up the volume and cry along"
I just sprayed Marc Jacobs perfume in my eye, is this like Spider-Man? Do I have high fashion powers?
Why do I only attract narcissistic man-babies?
Every time I get drunk on a weeknight over dinner I wake up to most of my furniture on Craigslist and European flights open on my phone
The worst thing about you is that I'm too nice to tell you that you're annoying AF.
On your machine I slur a plea for you to come home.
Worst day of my life? Hi is that you?
There is no room on this earth for 1 upers, try Mars.
You might now guess this, but I am the most sentimental freaking human on the face of this earth. I think I tear up once a day.
Got a new fur-niece ABOUT A WEEK AGO. Actually yesterday, meet @whitneyblaine 's new chick Riley 😍
Sometimes I listen to Bon Iver while I read creepy messages on OkCupid and it almost feels like love.
β€œ@xdannyxbrownx: I took a pic of a toilet and it got over 4900 likes on Instagram ... No one man should have all that #Power”best tweet 2014
I'm trying to move apartments and Christmas shop can a new job please fall out of the sky?