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Who dreads a Monday when you're on the lake? 😍👪
Listening to one direction, sneezing so hard I think some brain came out #saturday
Men that get excited about a woman's privacy being violated are vile creatures.
I need to go to the gym but I can't get out of bed.
Still screaming about the lady rev save.
Saw the Georgia bulldog on ESPN for the first time and HAD to google pics....was NOT disappointed (cc: @addieeeek )
It's game day assholes
@NoiseyMusic: Here's all we know about Frank Ocean's next album:” so nothing
SOS need new headphones bring to the gym
Who am I and why am I buzzed at the gym
I'll never forget watching the All Falls Down video before school thinking "damn I gotta cop me one of those clear Louis Vuitton bags"
Go follow my pretty friend @jennheil312 #pretty #gorgeous
Brow game is everything.
The Beast made a special guest appearance at the office today LOLOL
My job is really getting in the way of me being at the gym.
Today on my way home from work I practiced rapping All Falls Down for no apparent reason. So that's my day.
Today was hateful
Just caught myself saying "yea but I don't think I look Lebanese enough lately" Bye.
But like I really need this.....
I really want a puppy but I'm too drunk too often.
Sometimes I swear my car is a sound booth
But are you a helpless romantic or a hopeless romantic?
What were you doing at the exact moment bow wow dropped the lil?
If one more person asks me why I have so many pictures of Kanye on my desk....THAT IS FRANK OCEAN.
Fantasizing about ACL, this city feels so alive during festival season.
Do y'all remember Shark In the Water by V V Brown? Literally this song was my everything 3 summers ago.
Things tied around your waist have gone from mom-ish to stylish and I love it.
@ComplexMag: Kendrick Lamar's new single drops next week, sources say:” baby please
.@drewkaser is my new favorite human
I should write a book called Creepy Dudes of the Internet: Volume 1
Maybe I need the 6 plus after all.
My Instagram should be @blurryassconcertpictures
Who is eating dollar oysters with me? No one? K bye
My pony tail is too tight.
All females take a moment and imagine Ryan Gosling holding his baby girl for the first time......thn cry cuz ur lyfe sux.
The immense love I have for @samsmithworld could part the sea.
I woke up early and went to the gym and I'm just sitting here wondering what alien is possessing my body.
I love watching people I don't like's blood boil when they ask me about a band and I reply "I was really into them in high school"
Can someone PLEASE tell me why Big Sean is singing Fall Out Boy.
Does anyone want to pay me to just be me?
Brunch is my favorite food group.
I love wearing a bowler hat and pretending to be hip.