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Living in Austin means I have CCQ disease. Constantly Craving Queso.
Squattin for our shawty at Sylvan Esso.
Sylvan Esso is a babe but I can't even take a picture of her because #dark
Sunday Funday: I'm dying edition
If a take 5 Tylenol will I die?
Damn, pretzels are so good.
"Yea I'd like to place an order for 1 puppy delivered to my arms"
This is the best Ice bucket challenge video on the Internet (CC: @BuzzFeed )…
Don't bachelorette party my Austin.
I just got a two hundred dollar credit card bill. I am one person. Do I get an award @ATTCustomerCare ?
My bike hates me. Lmao
Moment of silence for those who get their joy from commenting "first" on celebrity Instagram photos
Award for most adorable long distance best friends goes to me and @whitneyblaine πŸ‘―
When Lloyd yodels on Lay It Down it just kills me.
80 people have told me how great I look and it's only because this is the first time I've worn make up all month. Ayeee
After wearing the same new article of clothing a few times I think "damn what did I wear before I had this"
Only human in all the land that likes their Caprese sans Basil.
Oh and I guess lil Wayne too.....