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Ashley Noodle
hockey 131 followers
if u c someone wearing camouflage, make sure to walk right into them so they know is working ;)
You know its time to move when the geese can't even handle our spring. ❆
Breakfast and skating today with Jessie :)
Just got instagram ashley_knodel
I just fell over trying to put socks on... #Fail
The guy installing r furnace kinda looks like Jason Derulo
Fantastic... my lock broke today. Just another cobo to memorize before exams
Great game tonight! won 6-2 and got a goal :)
I love 50s style dresses, i almost wish that was the style now
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Omg my puppy figured out how to ring a door bell 🔊😩
Omg my puppy figured out how to use the door bell
How wonderful, my email got hacked and now its sending weight watcher emails to my teachers, including the one who just had a baby....
DM_me if u wanna go skating :D
Dear LOL, thank you for being there when i have nothing else to say...
Tim Hortons in one hand, hockey stick in the others and Canadian Olympic mittens... Feeling pretty Canadian today
They really need a double chin emoji
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I told my dad I read about 200 pages of my book... his response " Berenstain bears or Dr. Suess? "
16 days, 16 hours and 3 min till Christmas :))
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Happy birthday lindzie pinzie have a great day love you :) <333333333 l@Lindsey_Knodel
Elementary school: miss one day nothing happened. High school: miss one day you're failing 3 classes
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i’m only a morning person on december 25th
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Thanks for the support. If you were wondering, the boards are not edible. I'll be back soon. #gojetsgo
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Omg did i actually just wash my phone in the laundry. #imscrewed
Scientists say the worlds made up of protons, neutrons and electrons They forgot to mention morons
My favourite words "And the Jets take the lead!!" @NHLJets
Rest in peace Mr.Hayes u were an awesome teacher and coach. Thank you for everything. You will be remembered <3 #riphayes
110 days left until Christmas vacation! #feelingexcited
U know ur in Las Vegas when a bar, tattoo shop and wedding chapel r on the same street
Last night i saw my first shooting star but then I realized it was only a satellite dish :(
That one mosquito that flies around your head all night #KillMeNow
Watching a movie over FaceTime. I have no life -__-
That moment when u eat mashed potatoes but realize that u just put a clump of butter in your mouth