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Waiting for your pizza to arrive @tom_harlock
Every SHADE of Chinos in shorts and full length trousers. Basically the only thing I greedily want #MakeItHappen
Please #RT and share my music video with your friends. Thanks #Teejayers #support
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me: ugly me: ugly me: ugly me: cute me: ugly me: ugly
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As a musician I stand up for @Drake he's a RAPPER His flows tight his voice is on it and IF others write his bars he's still better than you
"@SamRea14: This is Drake's fan base summed up " lmao
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My uncle wants to argue with me that Drake doesn't write his own raps. MYBRU all I said was “you're not from the 6” and walked away
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This guy @Drake is just a big douche bag , since he got money but last time I checked @chrisbrown had him on hush mode ..
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Contemplating food challenges at 5am w/ @WonderCafe1 @_@ I want
this was suppose to be the original couple idk how meeker mike came in
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Dang. 😰 turn up to the club wit ya boys…E
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This @onedirection #1D #OneDirection pic is somewhat amusing to me. Feels like its missing something. Or someone? 😉�…ZT
No one understands my love for this man 👉@MrDDyerr
I met Susan Tully's dad & hung out with @bonnie_langford (awesome) for a bit. Oh. I also filmed some #Eastenders. Today has been ok.
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What even is One Direction anymore? I admire the rest are still sticking to it. Zayn fully used them 😕 disrespect to the artists 😔
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World : Going out with the gurls- It's Friday bitches- staying in on Friday- Netflix- bored- fml- Netflix Me : ... it's Friday? 😶
What's the appeal in putting typing your caption... In the location bar on Instagram... Smh
When you know he's cheating but he treats you like a mug and plays it cool. #Eastenders x_x
Youve been screaming for hours and only stop to take a breath (rarely) or demand Peppa Pig. No baby, you cannot watch Peppa pig. Sleep. ✋
Meek is a prime example to why you should just shut up & mind your own business
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#LiesMenTell I don't know what you're talking about
I have just one question. *clears throat* ... ... Where did we get off buying a £600/$900/€800 odd phone? .
Nahhh I swear to ya'll #IPhones are gonna turn on one day n dominate the world with fire social blackmail n shit #Siri s the main leader 😑
LMAO #WeakMill you know 😆@MeekMilll how do you feel?
@justinxgilkey @BlackPplVines His own fans that paid to be there aren't even hyped ... 😂😂😂
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That meek song was terrible.... Luckily drakes first response was ALSO trash.
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Can't surive on daydreams... But days dreams are all I have. #CourageMyLove
#Eastenders #AbiBranning @LornaFitz0 your characters a bitch but you're a TOP actress 👌💯
Did you hear that connection between Staceys hand and Abi's face 😂 but then Abi VIOLATED 😱😷#EastendersnSp4yY
Got some eastenders debate going on 😅
When you know your not gonna get a dm but you try anyways✌️ @bruhitszach @bruhitszach @bruhitszach @bruhitszach
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#TBT When Zaclayon had a run in with a door @bruhitszach

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