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#crying why do grown up @justinbieber s music videos have to look so pornographic 😖#WhatDoYouMeanMusicVideoo#WhatDoYouMeann
"@justinbieber: yep. new album coming november 13th." NOVEMBER 13TH, got it! Omg I can't wait for the exclusive live chat with JB 😝😝
ITS TODAY ITS FUCKING TODAY IT IS HEREEEEE!!!! What do I mean??? #WhatDoYouMean !!!! @justinbieber #amh
Its all gone... I could write a song about this. If only I had my keyboard 😭😭😭😭 can't believe this is happening 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
-This is why It pisses me off when people say "it could be worse". Yes. It just got worse.
This is the 4th place where I've had my stuff stolen and this time they've taken everything that means something to me... Everything...
Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge... #HeartOnFire @Indianathegirl
Being born hurts so much. Feels like my belly button's being cut off all over again.
This is not happening. 28th October 2015 ticket dump @yearsandyears or @MrJoeSlater 😶 😭 life's harddd
Shit it's next Thursday 👀@MrJoeSlaterr at@TheGarageHQQ#AHardNightsGraftt 3 months went kinda quick now 😅
I'm having an end of life crisis.
I made a little bit of moneyyy I paid my billssssss #WOP 🙌
Apple you piece of shit I didn't give you permission to automatically install your shitty 200mb update.
Put me on #Eastenders , I'll give you drama 😼
In the mood for crispy chicken... Chinese buffet it is 👍
LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just didn't o/kj9dLcJJa6
I rarely feel weird following strangers on Twitter. Coz Twitter is diary, and if yours in unlocked, youre basically handing it to me to read
@PixarInsideOut Joy "I love you in fairydream adventure part 7.... Okay... bye" I love that scene. xD
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WOAH 😰#Whatsgoingonn World of tweets@MrJoeSlaterr has MAD talent…M failure is not an option right now#STRIVEE
Can't pass one homeless person on the street who doesn't give me a dirty look when I say I have no money. Not everything is as it seems... 😔
RIGHT let's hear it then! Hot chocolate at the ready anddddd relax @… @MrJoeSlater
The EP and video will be available tonight at 7pm! Don't miss it!! Peace and love guys! X
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Happy birthday to one of the worlds most iconic faces of beauty @Caradelevingne ❤️
#FaceToFace fuck this shit I'm watching Ugly Betty instead.
#FaceToFace stares...exchanges looks... exchanges looks...sighs-cries under covers about time wasted-eats coco pops-"What even was that"😩
Kylie Jenner can get a Ferrari for her birthday and I can't get a text back🗿
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kylie jenner looks like a bratz doll lmao
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The season finale had me feeling all types of ways #FAceToFace
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Some Pretty Little Liars fans are NOT so thrilled by #FAceToFace's big A reveal...
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#FaceToFace finale my back foot.
#TrainwreckMovie I always fancied John Cena and woahhhh is he still a hot stud or what :O :O
#TrainwreckMovie "my safe word is pineapple" 😂😂 that sex scene near the end was too much 😆
The foot is down. THE FOOT IS DOWN 😂#InsideOutt
When your Sim practices her speech in the mirror 😂
Me trying to balance out my responsibilities..
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*wolf whistles* totally on my list…

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