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Which car do you prefer, lamborghini or bugatti
Which car is more faster lamborghini or bugatti
She said she wanan tap out, tap out
Started from the bottom now am here
Follow me if you can swim than me
Nabi Muhammad S.A.W tak membantah orang bercinta. Sebaliknya banginda cuba pastikan pasangan yang bercinta berakhir dengan ikatan yang sah
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Heaven in a bottle. Barr Co. Made in the USA. Great packaging too.
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fingers are weird??? like…… our arms just split into other smaller arms…………. ok
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Marah-marah Lelaki , Keras-keras Lelaki , Bengis-bengis Lelaki , Percayalah , Dia Perlukan Awak , Dia Nak Awak Tenangkan Dia , Manjakan Dia.
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When I was in fourth grade, I went on a field trip to an old colonial home and I had to churn butter and that's when I knew I was gay.
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lil wayne funny as fuck now
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Malaysia pon ada overly attached girlfriend. Hahaha
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Just finished eating noodles
Still searching for james bond 007:nightfire cheat.. Follow me if you have it