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Ashilla Zahrantiara
music singers girls actor 695,905 followers
Abis diracunin abis-abisan sama kak @LCvirgoun sama Kacey Musgraves langsung download sealbum fix ngountry bgt
5 days till Eid Mubarak!!!
Just done a photoshoot with @CosmoGirl_IND for Cosmo Girl September edition. (Cc: @juwitapohan) so fun!!!
Among all of his appearances in every movie he starred, this is the best look of him. #MeetBill
15 years old Logan Lerman -- my perfect kind of guy.
hey guys, so sorry untuk jadwal phoners hari ini di reschedule. nanti diupdate lagi ya tanggal nya (:
Hello! Hari ini aku phoners sama beberapa radio, here's the schedule.. Staytune! (: #theone
RT @XSTROLOGY: #Pisces are always there to listen, they are always understanding.
And feeling so respected like no one could ever respect someone :) *its a sarcasm; believe me*
You dont deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you.
youu go get whats coming to you for all the bad bad things you do to your lady, treat her like a lady...
"now i got this feeling once again, i cant explain, you wouldn't understand, this is not how i am... I.. have become comfortably numb"
RT @juwitapohan: understanding what've you done, and fix it with your good behaviour.
ini kenapa ya orang-orang abis saya ngetweet "lebaran 8 hari lagi" jawabannya; "saya masih jomblo" INI BUKAN VALENTINE PAK BUKAN!!!
Jadi cewek tuh harus tegas, jangan lempeng. *ceramahin diri sendiri*
Holooo RT @XSTROLOGY: #Pisces women are princesses, if you want to win her heart be the modern gentleman.
:") RT @XSTROLOGY: #Pisces are often harsh and reactive, but its only because they really care about you.
Setelah diutak atik jadinya gini. Ini ngebackup kan?!
Harus tahan ngga nonton Laura Vitale selama.... nggatau sampe kapan. Karena laptopku mau istirahat dulu. Hixxxxxxxkkkxxx
Shilla dodol punya hard disk malah backup film, bukannya backup data iPhone. Dodol. Dodol. Dodol. *MAU NANGISSSSSS*
Laptop rusak nih. Kaya gini bentuknya. Ada yang pernah ngalamin kasus yang sama ngga? Kalo iya, datanya ilang kah?