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Ash Ketchum

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Here's a little sneak peek at the V3 gym leader page, how do you like it? ~Rob
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Marge and I are off to "Back To School Night" -- to be followed by "Back To Strangling Bart Night."
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That awkward moment when your trying to get your iphone case out of it
Hard to forget something that you've known for a while but trying not to think about it
Happy Birthday Hermione Jean Granger.
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That awkward moment when you go to the Gym and there's no Gym leader or Pokemon, just weight lifting equipment.
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I knew Lorde threw Primary School and Intermediate I only just discovered she was famous 0_o
So loving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang right now
Only next month then Pokemon x and y comes out!
What makes you happy and to forget? From the past & feature watching Pokemon
In the dog island becoming a *sniff master* is like becoming a *Pokemon master*
omg this movie was a childhood best ever! who remembers it?
hey i guess reality can really bum you out
I wish teleportation really existed
Retweet if you've explored every Pokemon region!
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So glad the movie is still going strong! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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Bring on October the 12th
So many new mega pokemon in Pokemon x and y what will they think of next?
Retweet it you miss when Pokemon used to look like this!
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#Retweet if you think they need to bring back Pokemon movies in theaters again
There really needs to be Pokemon Emoji's.
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Retweet if you got your first Pokemon over 10 years ago!
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