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Amanda Rupley
BREAKING NEWS: I just heard the most important piece of info...Chick fil A is going to keep the chicken tortilla soup on their menu PERMANENTLY!!! Woop Woop! Now, we go back to our regularly scheduled programming!
Almost 10,800 followers! U guys rock! Thx 4 all of the continued support! #Bridezillas #LupusWarrior
Girls are treating prom like their dang wedding. Make way for the future bridezillas of America people.
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Bridezillas Premiers May 31. Check out Damian Deon Hill, Amanda Rupley and myself on episodes 3 &. 4. Get ready to set your DVRs.
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Who watches Bridezillas??? I love this show but some of these women are CRAY
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Happy "Hug" Day! My 5yr old is learning about kindness in his preschool class. If he can do it, so can we. I challenge you today, to do something kind for someone today. Kindness can change the world! Be the change you want to see in the world - ready?? Go!!
@LupusBeauty: Its Hard To Tell When A #Lupie Is In Pain We Hide It So Well With A Smile B/c We Are #LupusWarriors #SurvivngLupus Together
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Lupus Warriors ROCK!! Luv how we rally around & support eachother! Keep sending ur #LHandSign #LupusAwareness #LupusUnited #LupusWarriors
My #LHandSign My "L" Hand and my Lupus Awareness Butterfly Tattoo
@HibbsLupusTrust what celebs do you have on your #LHandSign wish list to join the Lupus Awareness Campaign?
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As a Lupus Survivor, I battled in silence 4 yrs. u shldnt have 2. Write me! Id love 2 help u thru ur journey!
RT @JNealious: Give Lupus Royal Treatment! Ask me about Lupus!!!!! #RoyalTreatment #CrowningLupus #LupusAwareness #LHandSign 💜👑✋👑💜
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Wise words of a wise man! Thank GOD for our service men & women: police, fire, EMT, military -- thank u!!
Gun Control, Mr. President? What do u have 2 say now??? A stabbing spree in Texas just a few days ago, a mass bombing today... How about MANDATORY mental health screenings?? #JustSayin
Just goes to show you that your life can change in any second, Prayers go out to everyone in Boston! 🙏
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My heart and soul goes out to the victims of the Boston bombing as well as the fallen officer in Dallas. #ScaryWorld #PrayerWarriors
Man on Bridezillas is hilarious! Interviewer; what's ur marriage going to be like. Bride; filled with love. Groom; realistically arguing etc
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Change starts with YOU!
Sneak peak of whats to come. U DONT wanna miss this gun range scene! Total blonde moment 4 sure!
Woop Woop! After morning workout breakfast. Oatmeal, almonds & bananas! Yum!
Have u liked my official page? Keep up w/all things #Bridezillas season 10 & my book:… @TheDamianHill @TRONeil
Another successful casting call. Thx to all who came out 4 Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition
@TheDamianHill will be hitting the studio soon to record his new single to be release this summer.
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