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When you think you're doing too much.. Hmm
@RochIvy: Is it possible to miss someone but hate them at the same time?” Lol mm
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Had a beautiful session in the studio tonight. The birth of a new sound. Happy :)
People act like they aint got dreams they should be chasing. Always on some bullshit. SMH
Motherfuckers be like " Yo I got your back man ", then start talking a different language to your ass when shit gets real.
Unconditional Love Is Not For The Faint Hearted Bruh (Y)
People want what they can't give back.
Lol I will always trust my instincts. They've never been wrong and have never let me down. Snm :)
Quite snappy these days lol
If only we could go thru life backwards...start out old & wise, with everything we've learned & then have the last yrs be fun & youthful.👌😄✔
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More advice: Everybody doesn't need to know whats going on in your relationship just because you're mad.
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LOOOOOL! them hungry niggas there!! "When you hear a girl in the club say she just wants a meaningless shag
Tonight is ours :) Rolling out with the famo and squad :D #FamFirst #PartyVibes #StaySafe Snm (Y) ^_^
We always keep it real (Y) Great conversations with a great mind.
People will drag you down just as quick as they'll lift you up. Make no mistake about it (Y)
~ This is an amazing new start/ new beginning 💭💭 😏
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People are upgrading their technology and social lives but they're NOT upgrading THEMSELVES. Smh
She keeps it real so lames stay hatin' on us ;)
Dedication brings out the best in me :)
Hard times never come to stay they come to pass! Never give up!
Wanna see ya bounce with it ;)
Busy in the studio building this craft as per ;)
Stick with people that are obsessed with growing and self improvement.Stay away from those that only give a half ass effort (Y)
Someone like me, comes once in a lifetime.. Tbh.. I deserve better.. Nobody will ever get close to me again. I give up. I give up..
@Artwizz_SRD An artist, his passion and a dream to share his music with the world, starting with NYC...…
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Love, it's all love :)
Seems like loyal people get treated like shit and lied to on a regular
I wonder if the foreign people that retweet my tweets understand lol
You have to be open minded to be around me. I can't take any judgemental shit. It's just opinions with no facts.
Fish out the strongest and realest people in your circle because you don't want to be left to fight alone when shit hits the fan. Js
Birmingham niggas turn up wherever they go on the map. Other niggas stay hating lol
Have I got "stupid" written across my fucking forehead?? No
I'm out the window! I'm hangin' out the fucking limo! - Sir Michael rocks went hard on the banco CD jheez
Peace of mind and stability :)
If you can't practice ACCEPTANCE do not get Into a relationship with ANYBODY. You're taking on another persons SOUL, remember that.
Out here doing 3 things. Getting money, getting money and getting money.
Hehehehehehe £££££££££
Out on the grind for the £££'s again tomorrow, hope you all have a wonderful week! Make it yours :) #Grind
Yeah man big us man tonight aha ;)
Happy birthday Sparkz! Soon reach BBQ !
Lol when you forget how amazing you're own company is away from all the associates that try to be around you. You find yourself this way ;)