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Our potential is limitless, if we were only to tap into it more often we would see our deepest desires manifested.
Life is amazing
Your opinion about yourself is all that matters, reality will let you know if it's right (Y)
£££££££ On My Mind
Today was real yo ^_^ Good times, good times..
Gonna' Turn Up Tonight For Real Lol 😎�#drinkupkup
Interesting day ahead indeed :) 😏👌
Lol with Zarina this week, this should be interesting lol ;)
But I digress, some GOOD news today :) :D
Everybody's had that crazy ex that loves to play the victim, smh
Time to focus on me :) Positive energy around me. Nothing can break my spirit regardless. I deserve better :D My girls are real yo lol
Thanks girls means a lot :)
People love to sit and worry about problems that can all be solved. There comes a time when you just need to get the fuck up and move on
You want someone that compliments you and doesn't take advantage of your flaws (Y) Just those two things can solve anything real talk
What you thought was beautiful could just be a learning curve :)?
Lol my fam give me jokes , true talks a gwarn :)
When you just have to laugh lol
Una palabra no dice nada.. Y al mismo tiempo lo esconde todo (Y)
Had an amazing night though :) :p
Motives, motives, motives..
So pretty :) 😍
Lol I love it here ^_^
You don't throw somebody under the bus just to make yourself feel better. Just a thought :)
Ima' deal with you when I get back b don't worry lol
God I hear you loud and clear (Y) I see the signs for real.
I came out of the womb dirty, now look at me. I'm not perfect but damn.. I've been through a lot and achieved some amazing things :)
@10hottkaran: @Artwizz_SRD Very true.. Thanks for the inspiration! #HappyNewYearToday” No problem you too :)
No matter how bad something or someone is, it can always be fixed. I have had this belief from a very young age and always will. Real talk
We are all MORE attractive when we focus on our deepest passion & dreams.. Hard times aren't stronger than us they are temporary..
Lol Zarina ;) always got some jokes for me though aha (Y) :)
I've never been the type of person to kick somebody when they're already down. I'll give you a hand and a chance to rise again - Always :)
My bros bday this Saturday! Looking to turn up!! Haha you black shit lol
It's easy to blame the other person but harder to take responsibility for what YOU did wrong as well. Love this pic
I swear that picture is so true, not gonna' lie I was thinking like that for a long time. If someone enjoys provoking you, run.. Run fast.
Exactly.. Not somebody that enjoys pushing buttons. Embrace your flaws and if other people don't.. Fuck 'em Snm (Y)
Now back to the motive ^_^
I made a mistake for talking to you again in the first place so I actually don't give a fuck tbh. You love to provoke people too much Snm
Leave me out here in the dark and I'll only come out brighter. Challenges always come to the great ones. God's got something special for me
Love isn't for everybody, if there's anything I've learned in life then it's that.. Love requires strength not just affection. Believe that!
Lol gotta' love those instincts though, knew you were on some fraud shit. Never genuine with your words. Keep the change bitch (Y) The End