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Kelly Sigga
Like even if I was straight it would be weird to date my sisters husbands brother. No mam.
Look I know he's smart and just graduated at the top of his class but and will make a lot of money butttt I'm still gay 😂
My mom wants me to marry my brother in law.. He's here right now and she always brings it up. Wtf.
So Kristen Stewart is in a bar near me.... my friend acted like she didnt know who she was and Kristen told her hi hahah. She's gay alright.
Sooo I randomly decided to think about getting a new car after I just saw my brother in laws new scion. OMG. I need
I'm determined to make it to pride this year! 💛💙💜💚❤️
Breaking: Judge rules Pennsylvania's gay marriage ban is unconstitutional
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Wow..19 states recognizing marriage equality! This is happening faster than I thought possible. So happy. Now let's get to southern states!🌈
I love Lana's sex voice. You know the one...
Money is the anthem god you're so handsome
I was told they filmed 3 alternate endings with all three as winners. They didn't know if they won yet! Crazy'
YASSSSSS @TheBiancaDelRio! You are a star babe, always have been! New Orleans born and raised!
Can't wait to watch @TheBiancaDelRio in the finale tonight. ALL the best from your home in NOLA! You betta werk bitch ;)
I need a date to a wedding I'm going to on Saturday. #thestruggle
Going to my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight! *shrieks with excitement* I'm such a fat ass
Still not over this queen and this other dude giving me life last night! Our jaws were dropped. Found a n …
5 hours of sleep is not enough for me. I need a nappy nap 🙈
Had so much fun last night. Drag queens, strippers and sweaty bodys everywhere. Oh god.
I think I have a higher tolerance for alcohol now..
Gooodnighttttttt 🌙
What an eventful night haha.
Omg a stripper just picked me up upside down..... His dick was in my face. He cute tho