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Kelly Sigga
I want to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere where it's easy to see the moon & stars so close. #wishes
I hate to admit that I even went to walmart to buy lipstick. But I did... and I almost didn't make it out alive. So ghetto/ratchet.
Goodnight all. One more day and I'm free for 9 days. Hope you're all having a lovely night, really. 💋
diannaagron's photo most beautiful woman to me.
Going to do some real soul searching on this little trip I'm about to take.
The world today depresses me.
Tonights moon. Not as close or clear as yesterdays, but still pretty!
3 days, 24 more hours of work and I'm free for 9 days. Bless.
U should feel lucky to have my $79 lipstick kisses all over your face. Ur probably used to those cheap tricks kissin u w their .99 cent lips
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Yassss @Iphone can't wait to get the 6 plus!
The moon zodiac is a Pisces today. I'm a Pisces. It's a sign. Always been so drawn to the moon.
Phases of the Moon: via @YouTube........OMG WTF DID I JUST WATCH? I'M DEAD.
Watching youtube videos on the moon bc its so bright and clear tonight it makes you wonder about these kinds of things. Like WHY?
4:50am alarm hopefully for the last week. Goodnight all💭
I'm in love with @SophiaBush and all she stands for. What a woman. Can I have you??❤️
Torn between trying to decide to put a tattoo on my upper arm forever...
I've been MIA... literally just over everything lately. Pray 4 me
Heartbroken about Joan Rivers... queen, legend, icon, mother, friend, loved.
Wow. #RIPJoanRivers you were truly a fierce light that used comedy to cure hurting souls everywhere. How special you were...
Joan Rivers has died. What a sad ending to a brilliant and tragi-comic life; one of the bravest, and funniest of all.
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2 hour delayed flight.... Not having it
I've eaten so much unhealthy food on this trip yet somehow managed to maintain/lose weight.... #blessed
I had a dream that @ladygaga was my legit girlfriend and it was so hot.
Ahh all packed (mostly) and ready to go! Much needed trip!
I think people missed the whole point of what Miley did bc of whatever negative feelings you have towards her. Bigger things in the world...
If you're shading miley deactivate
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Wow that was powerful
Austin Mahone looking like he came straight from a Zenon sequel...
OMG ariana and big sean its true no
Why he touching Ed like that
Come on Sammie boy!
I want taylors body wowow
I'm just here for my tl's commentary