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Dan Stemkoski
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stream bugging again, i guess thats it for streaming today sry!
omg finally stream all set! - sc2 ladder!
ok! stream finally stable and good --
some weird stream error. working on getting it fixed!
OK! Bnet is back, going to attempt to play ~8 hours today of SC2. (as long as battlenet and my shoulder do not fail!)
very nice tour by @redbullESPORTS ! now i'll stream a bit of hearthstone, sc in a bit when i wake up some more!
God what a sick finals to wake up to. #BattleGrounds
Our coaching page just keeps getting more and more stacked. Enter...@Kolento!!! Bookable 7 days a week. GOGOGO!
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OK, bnet just sucks today. time for some Kingdom Rush!
If anyone has time/desire to play 20 games a day for a long period I'm interested in coaching a Zerg player my hotkey setup and gameplay
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i guess my stream will go up and down with bnet lol.
looks like bnet is back, gonna stream for a bit more on Hearthstone
well i guess that's all of my stream for now. will bbl when bnet is fixed.
and the queue is going up. 26 minutes now to get on. kicked me off and now says i have to wait 21 minutes in line to get on to play SC2? is this reality?
going to stream a bit of @PlayHearthstone this morning :D
OK! back to stream for a bit :D
streaming a bit of sc2 ladder before the gym!
King of the Hill w/ @ROOTXixo vs Tranzit cast by Myself and @ggDoA is live now! gogo!
Warming up tream for today's King of the HILL! @ROOT4ROOT's @ROOTXixo challenges King Tranzit! Can he dethrone him?
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