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Ars Technica
It came from the server room: Halloween tales of tech terror by @thepacketrat
reddit launches its own crowdfunding platform by @caseyjohnston
MPAA, movie theaters announce “zero tolerance” policy against wearables by @dmkravets
Spooky Halloween Dealmaster has scarily low-priced laptops! by @Lee_Ars
HP’s Sprout PC is like a real version of Iron Man’s JARVIS by @DrPizza
Microsoft wraps up its layoffs with another 3,000 cuts by @DrPizza
Our #ArsUNITE chat on the future of autonomous cars is underway:… Get @drgitlin your Qs now—talk hits top gear in 10m.
Pennsylvania state cops borrow, then return, spy blimp to aid manhunt by @cfarivar
Navigate a drone too close to a stadium, go to jail by @dmkravets
Earth’s nitrogen-rich atmosphere linked to plate tectonics
UNITE Live: Are we ready for robots on the road? by @drgitlin
Comcast/TWC merger should require free Internet for the poor, pols say by @jbrodkin
Lysol attempts viral marketing, buys top “Ebola” search on Google by @samred
Hackers swipe e-mail addresses from Apple Pay-competitor CurrentC by @MeganGeuss
Patent troll ordered to pay $300k to FindTheBest in “matchmaking” case by @joemullin
How mobile payments really work by @MeganGeuss
#iPadAir2 review's top comment: "(Pats my iPad2) It's OK boy, it's OK (Reaches for shotgun)"…
Comcast agrees to $50M settlement in 11-year-old class action antitrust suit by @jbrodkin
Sunset Overdrive review: Ride the rails to kaboom-town by @samred
White House unclassified network hacked, apparently by Russians by @thepacketrat
Wii U sales cross 7 million as Nintendo announces strong quarterly profit by @KyleOrl
FBI cut hotel Internet access, sent agents to “fix” it without warrants by @dmkravets
Prepare for the part-time self-driving car by @drgitlin
MT @segphault Here’s @Lee_Ars on the new 5K iMac as a Windows gaming PC:… … It appears to be equal parts epic and win.
MT @samred Why did I walk around Seattle this wk with two iPads? Not just to look cool—my iPad Air 2 review:…
HTML5 specification finalized, squabbling over specs continues by @DrPizza
Verizon-bankrolled “news” site bans stories on spying and net neutrality by @jbrodkin
FCC moves to treat online video like cable, a boon for Aereo by @joemullin
Research links massive cyber spying ring to Russia by @roblemos
Orbital Sciences ISS mission explodes during launch
Newly Facebook-owned WhatsApp lost roughly $200M in 2 years by @cfarivar
Study: Comcast and Verizon connections to Cogent dropped below 0.5Mbps by @jbrodkin
Pope reminds Catholics: evolution, Big Bang are true by @NateXAnderson
Windows 10 to get OS X-like trackpad shortcuts, better window snapping by @DrPizza
After unclear Tweet, Adobe issues resounding anti-GamerGate statement by @samred
Twitch to streamers: no shirt, no service by @caseyjohnston
Judge clears Activision for use of Noriega’s likeness in Black Ops II by @KyleOrl
Newspaper outraged after FBI creates fake Seattle Times page to nab suspect by @joemullin
The iPad Air 2: A host of hidden upgrades in one skinny package by @samred
Transcript: Ars talks to Android execs about Lollipop and the Nexuses by @RonAmadeo
Cold winters tied to drop in Arctic sea ice by @j_timmer
US sues AT&T, alleges severe throttling of unlimited data customers by @jbrodkin
And the #ArsUNITE Day 2 chat on cloud security is live:… Join in or get your questions to @thepacketrat ASAP
New data shows more signs that patent troll suits are in decline by @joemullin
#ArsUNITE talks cloud in 30m… MT @thepacketrat Downside to cheap always-available cloud service
UNITE Live: Hashing out the future of cloud privacy by @thepacketrat
Feds have identified, searched suspected “second” intelligence leaker by @cfarivar