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Ars Technica
Review: A $229 unlocked phone that marries the Galaxy S5 to the Moto G by @AndrewWrites
Is there a benefit to compiling your code as you go?
John Walker, the Navy spy who defined crypto-betrayal, dead at 77 by @thepacketrat
Hackers stole security check info on at least 25,000 DHS employees by @thepacketrat
Offline attack shows Wi-Fi routers still vulnerable by @roblemos
Samsung licenses HERE maps, still trying to escape the Google ecosystem by @RonAmadeo
Gencon: My journey into the heart of the nerd kingdom by @NateXAnderson
Internet Archive posts millions of historic images to Flickr by @MeganGeuss
Steve Jobs gets posthumous design patent on iconic NYC Apple store by @joemullin
Los Angeles cops do not need to hand over license plate reader data, judge finds by @cfarivar
ALS Association drops ‘ice bucket challenge’ trademark app after complaints by @joemullin
Report: Next iPhone will use NFC for mobile wallet functionality by @samred
The long game: How hackers spent months pulling bank data from JPMorgan by @thepacketrat
An era ends as Microsoft completely shutters MSN Messenger by @DrPizza
Sadly, no audio files. But if anyone takes the #IBMSongbook, records, hits YouTube... the world will be better off.…
MT @chiark If you've ever wondered what a SWAT team does... here's one interrupting a gamer during a live stream…
Rival may have roasted Keurig’s coffee-pod DRM by @caseyjohnston
Haswell-E arrives, bringing a $999 8-core desktop CPU with it by @AndrewWrites
Games are meant to be fun; fun is hopefully part of a healthy community. No excuse for senseless attacks like this…
It’s made-for-TV patent war, as AT&T sues Cox by @joemullin
MT @schneidan Poor taste || ALS group moves to trademark “ice bucket challenge” viral sensation…
This is an actual anti-Municipal Broadband flyer Comcast once (successfully) used. See more…
Nintendo tweaks portable line with new, more powerful 3DS for Japan by @KyleOrl
Tripping through IBM’s astonishingly insane 1937 corporate songbook by @Lee_Ars
Report: Google developing product delivery service via drones by @samred
The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them by @caseyjohnston
FTC picks winners in latest robocall-defeating contest, scammers keep scamming by @MeganGeuss
Popular gamer’s real-life SWAT raid livestreamed on YouTube by @dmkravets
Microsoft finally tries to de-crap the Windows Store by @DrPizza
IRS wiped Lerner’s BlackBerry after Congress inquiry began, lawyer says by @thepacketrat