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Ars Technica
Verizon Wireless caves to FCC pressure, says it won’t throttle 4G users by @jbrodkin
Facebook apologizes to LGBTQ users, plans “substantive changes” by @samred
Is it safe to store CO2 beneath the seafloor? by @SJvatn
Huge feature on the Moon may be an enormous volcanic vent system by @j_timmer
US top cop decries encryption, demands backdoors by @dmkravets
Microsoft unveils Sway, Office app for creating interactive Web stories by @thepacketrat
Windows 10 beta now available to download—time to test the new Start menu by @jbrodkin
“The TV model is broken,” says ISP that stopped offering pay-TV by @jbrodkin
Borderlands: The Pre-sequel to launch on SteamOS alongside Windows by @KyleOrl
ComputerCOP: the dubious “Internet Safety Software” given to families nationwide
Security bug in Xen may have exposed Amazon, other cloud services by @thepacketrat
Review: Smash Bros. 3DS is a surprisingly good imitation of the real thing by @AndrewWrites
Registration bug blocked 60,000 Canadians from opting into organ donation by @samred
MT @Lee_Ars I share some responsibility in forcing @AndrewWrites to use Mac OS 9 for several days—results were great:…
#Windows10 MT @TheMacAdvocate "We’re not talking about one UI to rule them all…" Somewhere Bill Gates weeps softly.…
MT @mollypb Basically dark matter is quite possibly The Nothing from The Neverending Story—really interesting read…
Four charged with stealing intellectual property from US Army, Microsoft by @MeganGeuss
Bookstores, publishers sue to stop law against “revenge porn” by @joemullin
Continuum: Microsoft finally makes touch and mouse make sense together by @DrPizza
Windows 10 in pictures: A new Start menu puts focus back on the desktop by @jbrodkin
First US Ebola diagnosis confirmed by CDC by @j_timmer
Advertising firms struggle to kill malvertisements by @roblemos
Grooveshark, where employees uploaded thousands of songs, loses badly in court by @joemullin
Arduino to sell 3D printer—$800 in kit form or $1,000 pre-assembled by @jbrodkin
That’s some weather we’re having. Is it climate change? by @j_timmer
Tuesday Dealmaster has an Alienware 17 Core i7 gaming laptop for $1,923
Windows 10 command prompt finally gets dragged into the 21st century by @Lee_Ars
In about face, PayPal to split from eBay in 2015—to compete with Apple Pay by @MeganGeuss
Apple drops OS X Yosemite GM Candidate on devs, suggests release is nigh by @AndrewWrites
Microsoft launches Windows Insider Program to get Windows betas by @DrPizza
Cops suspect that alleged thieves monitored them with a drone by @dmkravets
The next version of Windows will be... Windows 10 by @DrPizza
Not a joke: A Tetris movie is being made by @KyleOrl
FCC repeals sports blackout rule, challenges NFL to stop screwing over fans by @jbrodkin
Shellshock fixes beget another round of patches as attacks mount by @thepacketrat
Facebook’s super-powered ad platform will track users on and offline by @caseyjohnston
Chromecast getting competition from Firefox OS-powered Matchstick by @DrPizza
New docs show how Reagan-era executive order unbounded NSA by @cfarivar
What to expect when you’re expecting a Windows preview by @DrPizza
Exploring the monstrous creatures at the edges of the dark matter map by @DrMRFrancis
Dense star-forming regions have complex organic molecules
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: A shadow of its own ambition
Ferguson officials charging “exorbitant” fees to provide e-mails to press by @MeganGeuss
Apple patches “Shellshock” Bash bug in OS X 10.9, 10.8, and 10.7 by @AndrewWrites
Spyware executive arrested, allegedly marketed mobile app for “stalkers” by @dmkravets
Images come down as MAVEN and MOM get to work on Mars by @j_timmer
Gauntlet review: Less a “dark legacy,” than a dreary one