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Report: Google developing product delivery service via drones by @samred
The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them by @caseyjohnston
FTC picks winners in latest robocall-defeating contest, scammers keep scamming by @MeganGeuss
Popular gamer’s real-life SWAT raid livestreamed on YouTube by @dmkravets
Microsoft finally tries to de-crap the Windows Store by @DrPizza
IRS wiped Lerner’s BlackBerry after Congress inquiry began, lawyer says by @thepacketrat
ALS group moves to trademark “ice bucket challenge” viral sensation by @joemullin
IPv6 adoption starting to add up to real numbers: 0.6 percent by @iljitsch
Geeky! | RT @arstechnica: One apartment’s Wi-Fi dead zones, mapped with a physics equation by @caseyjohnston
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Yes, that's an #Ars branded #cannon on the back of a tiny #turtle. Stay tuned this weekend. #miniatures?
Seeing Orwell-references in response to @cfarivar's latest—how a Reagan-era executive order led to mass spying today…
"Welcome to the world of DLC, Nintendo! You got here about 8yr after everyone else, but we're just happy to have you"…
LG G Watch R is official, potentially the best looking smartwatch yet by @RonAmadeo
Heartbleed is the gift that keeps on giving as servers remain unpatched
MT @DevilleSy against all odds, Apple to unveil new socks MT @arstechnica Apple’s wearable device revealed Sept. 9…
“Wish we could say more”: Apple makes the September 9 event official by @AndrewWrites
Leap Motion gets a head-mounted upgrade, becomes a VR controller by @Lee_Ars
How big telecom smothers city-run broadband
Scare tactics: See how big ISPs demonize city-owned broadband
MT @jennrpeters Libraries trained elite hackers all these years. "Feds warn of dangerous hacking tool—Google Search"…
JPMorgan, other banks hacked, and FBI looks to Russia for culprits by @thepacketrat
Samsung’s 6th smartwatch has a 3G modem and a massive curved display by @RonAmadeo
T-Mobile exempts Grooveshark, Rdio from data caps—Google Music is next by @jbrodkin
MT @chas_martin Important read. TL;DR blame Reagan—The executive order that led to mass spying, as told by NSA alumni…
Last year at this time, @Lee_Ars was drinking this stuff for you, dear readers. @soylent…