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Arrizal Amin
the first three episodes of #Gotham season 2 is fuckinsane
The way the @evernote web-clipper creates specific pages for @LinkedIn, @YouTube and @amazon is amazing. #socbiz
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app to make people to commit suicide | Apple,Google,Inc:Ban the launch of the 'Peeple' application… via @ChangeOrg_ID
.@laraveljobs is giving away $750 in Linode hosting. Check it out.
9 Introvert-Friendly Travel Destinations…
even the worst can have a good heart | ISIS Have Opened Two Theme Parks For Young Children… via @YahooNews
HBO is thinking about making a Watchmen TV series with Zack Snyder… via @verge
Metal on OSX El Capitan is fucking amazing
Several photoshop masters in Singapore decided to take advantage of the haze situation here… via @9GAG
Twitter is reportedly ditching the 140 character limit
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I hope everyone loves the way we’ve reinvented your App Store Purchases to no longer include OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, iPhoto, and Aperture.
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Web design is now completely boring via @TheNextWeb
lol, first thing I’ve learned in job security | How to write unmaintainable PHP code [2009]…
Cute to see a little tux #Linux mascot figure in Google's 17th birthday doodle :)
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Jon Stark or Jon Targaryen? | GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Set Pics Contain Massive SPOILERS…
uh-oh! North America Runs Completely Out of IPv4 Internet Addresses…
I voted 😡 I'm ​*SO*​ angry now on Crystal’s adblock double dip: Good business or short-sigh...
recovering...salah format disk kehilangan 700+GB 😭
The most epic DIY backyard transformation ever? via @imgur
Jony Ive's Voice Lord’s voice
link: Why I wouldn’t use rails for a new company. : programming -…
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poor javascript, everyone hates you 😈, time to move to@opalrbb | Opal: The Journey from JavaScript to…8
The only thing that’s changed about Apple’s advertising is nothing, thankfully via @TheNextWeb
#AlAqsaUnderAttack Israel has no shame left, the shocking video of Masjid e Aqsa, 3rd most Holiest site of Islam
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#AlAqsaUnderAttack The Arab world needs to wake up & stop fighting amongst themselves! See what happened to Al Aqsa
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Today I'm giving away 100 Trillion Dollars. Retweet and good luck.
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Taken from inside of the mosque #PrayForMakkah |ساعقة والأمطار قبل لحظات من سقوط الرافعة في الحرم المكي بمكة المكرمة
one doesnt simply...buka tutup galon
You don't need a wand to use your power of imagination.
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Review Trine 3 - The Artifacts of Power: Puzzle dan Action Berpadu Serasi! - #RP #action #frozenbyte #pc #platformer
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someone tries to be you @BryanCranston | ABQ Car Wash Owner Sentenced For Money Laundering…
Download a Bear! Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear
Thanks #chromies for making the past 7 years so much fun! We took the afternoon off & this happened :) #HBDChrome
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This Mr. Robot Supercut Proves What You Knew All Along… via @vulture
Developer? Get notified of errors in the time it takes to plunge your next coffee.…
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“Things I learned when I decided to put every single sticker I could find in my room on my laptop.” by @SilverEzhik…
git merge develop git commit -m 'sso day 2 #welovesso' git push production app minimalis, 2 server powerful, hari ini down lagi apes bener emang angkatan hijau
Simplicity Expert, sounds like a fun job | Amazing Jobs That Don’t Exist Today, but Will Exist in the Future…
now i have 3 elephants in status bar, I have no idea which one is @mamp_en, @evernote , or @postgresql 😕O

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