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Armani OD
man so much todo later today and i still havent got my hair cut
i got this ill song on the album yo
Working on #StateOfMind produced. by @skatebravo #Evolver5000
my nieces gave me this
Why Why... Its suppose to be Fantastic Friday and now its turning to Frustrated Friday..... — feeling Usually Burning Anger
Never in my life have i had some much anger build up to the point where it makes me want to build up.
i wanna go jumping in a bounce house. #TheMoment p.s im filling out scholarships. you can never go wrong with education
A Song for the ladies i made just for you. I only want that one loyal female. and I believe. #BelieveInTrueLove
"Should've Known" (Prod. by KOOKKANG) [New Video] via @HotNewHipHop RT! "Should've Known" #AfroDays
Photo: #WHERESTHELOVE Become a fan. You can be around. You can get connected to what i see. Like my page...
#WHERESTHELOVE Become a fan. You can be around. You can get connected to what i see. Like my page though. #BecomeFamily
Ganja Goons - The Theory of Relativity [prod. Eric J.] Official Video HD
Where you @EnvyStarXXX didnt see you on my timeline
Working on this EP and its like a tie between the last spot ..
i gotta mean single with @mufasavslegacy #TheHustle Coming soon produced by @Loko_Los #Evolving
i been up all night search for this one sound for this EP and i think i found it
Levern Silver whats your email
It takes a lot for my mouth to say I believe you/but it's takes a lot more for my heart to say I need you/ #GhettoCyrano
somebody call my ringer
#Confession i have a short attention span with females if you dont show interest in me or you playing around .
sheesh ... martin on ..ok
If she vibe with you. She will tell you
Never set the standard so high that no one can measure up, never except less than you truly deserve, but always...
I think of some decisions I have made in my life. And some were bad but I have matured and learned. #Maniplulation is a virus. Hate it
#Confession i miss the ole days where when i was recording it was like 7 to 8 people in the studio .. just seeing...
#Confession I like Watching Cartoons.. I feel like if i cant get a natural during the day Cartoons does it for me ..
Today was a good day... saw my BROTHERs and got some music recorded and school hit me back...thinking of just trying tech out
Photo: #Repost #ODyessyOfMarcoBlanko Let’s get it to 10,000 downloads. Repost and share. Armani OD...
#Repost #ODyessyOfMarcoBlanko Let's get it to 10,000 downloads. Repost and share. Armani OD #ODyessyOfMarcoBlanko
I'm back to my good self...
Have you heard ‘Marco Blanko (Armani OD ) - Phobias (Prod. By Vinnie Wesson)’ by @Armani_OD on #SoundCloud?…
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Have you heard ‘Put It In A Bag (Armani OD & Zambrana ) Prod. by Adzmuzik’ by @Armani_OD on #SoundCloud?…
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who can i go to when i need a pick me up moment ..
never subject yourself nor be around a ignorant mind....... #justknow