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Armani Knight ™
Withholding your feelings is only a temporary strategy at best... More for Aquarius
Setting aside your regular rational approach for a while might... More for Aquarius
You feel obligated to nurture everyone's goals at work today, ... More for Aquarius
You may be struggling to find your way in a close relationship... More for Aquarius
Nearly everything in your life seems to work well up to a poin... More for Aquarius
So many functions to attend this coming weekend it's not even funny !!! Busy busy busy
You might be wondering if you're doing something wrong because... More for Aquarius
You are preoccupied with the unrealistic expectations of your ... More for Aquarius
You have more than your fair share of practical thinking to do... More for Aquarius
It's really true that all things must pass, but why does it se... More for Aquarius
Who's doing what this #weekend?? Anything #fun??
@JJplush @armaniknight Love that look. She seems like a prime candidate for abduction, JJ.
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Relationship dynamics don't seem to get any less complicated t... More for Aquarius
You would like everyone to take you more seriously now; you're... More for Aquarius
This is @armaniknight before going for a little jog and being abducted by me for borntobebound a little while ago :)
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only 18 days til #detroitlions Monday night game 9/8 & I still don't have everything I need 4 the season… via @amazon
Playful interactions between you and someone special may be de... More for Aquarius
Just got all my #Detroit #Lions nail art stuff now I the #DetroitLions #bikini & I'll be all set for sept 8th ! #nfl
People all around you might seem as if they are too showy for ... More for Aquarius
Someone special may be warming up to you today and it makes yo... More for Aquarius
The battle between your logical head and your irrational heart... More for Aquarius
On set shooting I Still Believe In The Dream with Joseph Lauren aka cellothabp
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There's a wide world of exciting possibilities in front of you... More for Aquarius
But would they feel the same if it was for their happiness.. that's called selfishness
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Your inflexible opinions about a very close friend or family m... More for Aquarius
You could waste valuable time and energy exploring a wide vari... More for Aquarius
Your telephone is ringing off the hook today, but the psychic ... More for Aquarius
If everyone around you seems to be having lots of fun now, thi... More for Aquarius