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Arjun Basu
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We kissed under an azure sky. She texted a friend to tell her she was in love. Her friend was my ex. That was mean, I said. We kissed again.
We ran out of beer, and the guests all left, and then I went down to the basement and brought up what I liked to call "The Celebration Beer"
A photo series called The Death of Conversation. Perfect.
She wanted to stick her finger up my butt. I called off the wedding. I'm not man enough for you, I told her. I'd been sure she already knew.
Without further ado, here is our 2014 list of Canada's Best New Restaurants! #enRouteTop10
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I drank a lot of coffee today but that means peeing feels more amazing, I say enthusiastically, and then she stands up and leaves our table.
In case the world is wondering, this is more what we're used to seeing on Parliament Hill. #OttawaShooting
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Good overview from always reliable @InklessPW: Here's my first attempt to put the morning's events into any context.…
One of the great things about Canada is that its capital has never felt like a military camp. Sadly, that might change now...
How does a guy with a rifle walk into the Parliament buildings?
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Gunman at Parliament's Centre Block has been shot and killed
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Live stream of shooting and news on Parliament Hill. Madness.
They nuzzled by the fireplace. He said, Remember the night we met in Paris? But she had never been to Paris. Suddenly the fire felt too hot.
Lovely people of Vancouver. I'm in you on Friday and Saturday for @VanWritersFest. Deets here
We went swimming. I fell in love. It was simple. But she wasn't in love. Not with me or with anyone else. I learned later she hated swimming
She tries to stuff her blouse in an overstuffed closet and soon they are discussing a new house, and years later he asks, How'd we get here?
Your face is too fat for that shirt, she says of a shirt that fits me perfectly well. What’s her endgame? Does she have one? Is my face fat?
The accident was horrific. I found it funny. Comedy is tragedy that happens to someone else, I explained. A man took his gun out and laughed
The milling about of millions. The ceaseless noise of traffic. They are yelling now but can't hear the other. And will never know true love.
The sales girl came up to me and said, These shirts are too young for you, and I asked her how old she thought I was, and she guessed right.
That dog got frisky. The other dog owners felt annoyed and said so. Loudly. Rudely. But really they were jealous. Each and every one of them
Habs’ D is amazingly problematic. Pairings aren’t working.
So @ArponBasu sneaks into the Habs opening montage. Are we going to have to see that all season?
We ate dinner. It didn’t sit well with me. I’m suffering from some gastric distress, I said. We live in The Age of Oversharing, she replied.
"Without narcissism, we are all just in our rooms doing nothing." @arjunbasu on Next Chapter:
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The lion paces about its cage, sick with its confinement, and I say, What a king! and staring at the regal cat, she says, I totally get you.
They had gone out once. Hooked up really, before it was called hooking up. He'd remembered the magic of that night. Do I know you? she asks.
He wants to show her he’s sensitive, aligned to her feelings, that he cares about her and her alone. But he’s still wearing his wedding ring
Wow @EmilyMandel! NBA shortlist! Go!
I am minding my store. Behind a glass counter. A man enters, and I ask him how he’s doing. He tells me to my mind my own business. But I am.
#VWF14 And then on the 25th with more amazingly cool folk. #Vancouver
Vancouver! I'm appearing at #VWF14. Twice! On Oct 24th in The Tangled Web (sounds spooky!) with a bunch of cool folk
On our tenth anniversary she told me that I threatened her freedom. I'd asked a question about my tie. So I won't wear ties, I said. Meekly.
He wakes feeling lonely. Saddened. He feels the weightlessness of his past. A life full of lack. He picks up his laptop. To update his blog.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends and followers!
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A nice index to the critical praise around Arjun Basu's brilliant novel, Waiting for the Man, here-->…@arjunbasu
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I said, I like these pants. She looked at them and said, They're two hundred dollars! We continued on our way. The new me would have to wait
She was the sexiest woman at the bar. I sidled up to her and I told her I was a geologist. You rock, she said. And then she rolled her eyes.
10. On Canadian Thanksgiving, Canadians take all their loonies and toonies out of their pockets and get the laundry done #fact
9. On Canadian Thanksgiving, the federal government beams Wayne and Shuster holograms into every dining room west of the Ottawa River #fact
8. On Canadian Thanksgiving, Canadians are thankful for being free from the tyranny of Imperial measurements #fact
7. On Canadian Thanksgiving, it’s not gravy it’s “grav-eh” #fact
6. On Canadian Thanksgiving, tradition calls for the Prime Minister to make love with a hockey stick in a prime time special on CBC #fact
5. On Canadian Thanksgiving, Quebecers eat pigeon #fact
4. On Canadian Thanksgiving is one the one time of year we use the “Margaret Atwood Bible” to bless the meal #fact
3. On Canadian Thanksgiving we stuff the turkey with poutine #fact