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Arjun Basu
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I came home. I told her about the shoddy service at the hotel and the flight delays and I made myself a drink and the next day she was gone.
Having dinner (wife's birthday!) at @Restaurant_PARK and I'm already thinking about the meal...
We finished our run and I searched for a smoke. She said, That cancels out the run. I need a whisky, I said. Just to piss her off even more.
Fall reading schedule (so far) includes Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver. Details here:
Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.
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Asleep on the dog. National Dog Day.
I’d spent the evening talking wine, especially some of the new Burgundies, and my friend took it all in, and he asked, What happened to you?
She called. She was in China and described her last meal in great detail. I told her I cut myself shaving. She told me her story was better.
Better call Saul and tell him he's got a lot to live up to.
Matthew McConaughey: "Call my car."
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When I saw him read that flat circle monologue, I said @McConaughey is going to win the #emmy. Probably because I know jack.
Disagree. If only Matthew wasn't so pro pot. #Emmys
Julia Roberts walks like she's just a drink away from getting tanked. #Emmys
OMG this show is going to go 3 hours - everyone, just about now, not smart enough to do anything else. Like me.
OK I'll be laughing about "Messing Parsons" for the next two weeks.
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Jimmy Fallon said "bullshit" on network TV and made a big deal about it because network TV is bullshit #Emmys
Hey let's get Weird Al. He's funny. Send him some teeth whitener. #Emmys
Julia Roberts: I came here for nothing?
When does Iggy Azalea fall off the stage? #Emmys
It's a huge labor of love = we want Big Bang Theory money eventually. #Emmys
Maybe the #emmy voters don't get cable.
#emmy voters sure do love Modern Family - everyone else
These #Emmys have the wonky pacing of British television.