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Arjun Basu
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Now on the Photo Booth… RT @mayssamaha: Hey @arjunbasu, I am no longer Waiting for the man :)
We went to the lot and searched for a used car. I kept pointing out ones she didn't want. Finally, I started laughing. Because I was so sad.
finished @arjunbasu 's novel this morning. broke me in half and inspired me at the same time. spoke to me. so very good.
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Links to buy #waitingfottheman. Now including some UK links:
It was a new car and she was pushing it hard. The thing purred. Do you feel it? she asked. Whatever she was referring to, my answer was yes.
Mon frere (@ArponBasu) etait nommé parmi les 25 meilleurs "informateurs" hockey au Québec. Tres fiere de lui.
I wrote a book. It still smells new. Perhaps you'd like to purchase it...
We needed a plan. Your plans are always stupid, I heard, and while it was true this was rude to say to someone trying to come up with a plan
The storm subsides, finally, and I step outside and I slip on the wet ground. At least it's my ground, I say. My landlord clears his throat.
The food arrived. He took her hand. She said, I want to feel special. He squeezed then. Hard. She cried out in pain. Pass the salt, he said.
Dear #Toronto. I am launching #waitingfortheman in your fair city on April 23rd. No Rob Ford jokes. Guaranteed.
Marois and the PQ underestimated the province and made the mistake of telling Quebecers what they believe instead of asking them. #qc2014
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Glad this was called before the basketball game #qc2014 #NCAAChampionship
RT @danlebla: Si la tendance se maintient, la course à la direction du PQ vient de commencer #qc2014
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Note à tous les partis: s’abstenir à l’avenir de déclencher une élection basée sur un enjeu qui n’existe pas. #Qc2014
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Some links to purchase or pre-order #waitingfortheman (CAN/US). I will update with UK/Europe and Australasia soon.
Remember: if you buy #waitingfortheman, take a photo and tag me and I'll put it up in my "photo booth."
He gets up and clears his throat. He starts speaking of the many challenges ahead. A junior employee raises her hand. Just stop it, she says
I stepped in this thing. It was some unidentifiable goop that clung to the sole of my shoes. A crowd gathered. A girl complimented my pants.
.@arjunbasu talks to the Montreal Gazette about his new novel and our culture of compulsive sharing.
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I cooked some cabbage soup and my neighbor complained about the smell. I didn't blame him. It stunk bad. My friends are all on the internet.
I want to love her. She is warm and smart. She makes me laugh. But her teeth are stained with her lifestyle, and I'm superficial. And alone.