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Arjun Basu
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My dog started talking. I said, You're going to make me so rich! And my dog said, All you think about is money. Because my dog is a Marxist.
My marriage ended the same day I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. A friend wondered if the two events were maybe related. He is an ass.
Dear good people of #Toronto. If you don't have plans Wednesday evening join me for the launch of #waitingfortheman.
Two married people, not married to each other. One glance. One shared thought. One smile. Only one feels guilt. The other one isn't Catholic
The stairs at my house are a lovely deep red.
His phone died before he could finish the text and then he was hit by a truck so she never knew that he loved her and not just her roommate.
They danced through the forest. They danced naked, overflowing with joy. Then they heard something. And they missed their condo in the city.
And what is Easter anyway but a disagreement while Waiting for the Man? Check out @arjunbasu's wonderful novel.
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Not sure what to read this long weekend? How about #WaitingfortheMan by @arjunbasu, Check out his interview here
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We’d invited the neighbors over for a barbecue. My wife grew uncomfortable with the intensity of the sexual tension. Then I burned the meat.
Sad news about Gabriel Garcia Marquez. RIP.
I'm doing book stuff in Toronto April 23rd. And Ottawa April 28. Come and say hi! Or heckle. #waitingfortheman
She took my hand. I said, My hands are rough, and apologized. She said, I like rough. Then I sat down. And tried to remember how to breathe.
I did a Q&A with the folk I work with because they're worried I wrote about them in #waitingfortheman. (I didn't)
We will say the words that take us toward promise and then those promises are broken by lack and absence. And chips. And beer. And your pie.
He’s a designer so he says things like “font of knowledge.” He disappoints his father because his hands are soft. His mother still loves him
Toronto! I'll be launching #waitingfortheman in your fair city in one week. Come and join the fun.
She bought me a drink. I said, I’ve never killed anyone. She found that an odd thing to say. As I took the pink umbrella out of my cocktail.
.@K9_SD Adding that hashtag harshes my style, man #MashReads
We heard lions roaring in the distance. I poured myself another glass of champagne. I’ll draw the bath, I told her. Still trying to impress.
By dessert I was willing to make a commitment of the deepest kind, somewhere between forever and infinity. And then she called sex overrated
It's PUB DAY IN THE USA for #waitingfortheman. Want to know what it's about? (or hear my voice?) Here's the trailer: