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Arjun Basu
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Appearances this fall include #winnipeg and #vancouver. More to come.…
She sneezed and said, It’s my seafood allergy, and when I realized we hadn’t eaten seafood in ages, I took the hint. And took a long shower.
This year's #Vancouver Writer's Festival rocks a stellar lineup. I'm even on it! @VanWritersFest
If their breathtaking ineptitude hadn’t been so tragic "Ferguson PD" would have made for a fine sitcom.
The plate is crumbs. I lick up the detritus of the apple pie and moan loudly. A waitress says, Sir, and I say, Did you hear about the comet?
I can’t afford things, he thinks, in the back seat of a cab. Rain falls outside. At his destination, he leaves his driver a significant tip.
I heard the music and I told her, I like this band, and she looked me over and said, That sucks for me, and then we had our how-we-met story
My fave Robin Williams bit ever. RIP
Robin Williams?!? WTF?
Check out our Festival Reads page to discover new work from authors coming to the Festival this fall! #VWF2014…
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She wasn't my mother-in-law yet, but I took the second piece of cake nonetheless, and woke up in a hospital bed, to her smiling countenance.
Complaining about Amazon on Twitter will probably fix the book industry.
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I stood up and yawned. I said, I'm going to brush my teeth now. I said it in a self-deprecating manner. Unfortunately, my wife is tone deaf.
He walked into the bar and sat at in the corner. Eventually a waitress came over and she said, Sorry. And he said, I’m used to being ignored
My (very) bad Slideshare for #waitingfortheman is nearing 1,000 views. Which is hilarious. I think.
The movie ended and I heard her crying. I hadn’t thought it a moving film. I sighed, disdainfully. She left with the guy crying next to her.
She says, How’d you get so smart? And she’s being sincere, and I sense a new chapter in our courtship, and then she says, I mean look at you
From my list of groups of people who will enjoy my novel: People who have had sex in public restrooms. In Wyoming.
I poured her drink and she said, Look at your cuticles, and I wanted to hide my hand, but she was wearing a white top, and the wine was red.
The book sits unread. I ask her why and she says, Look at it. I turn on the TV and she says, Read a book. I go to the fridge. I open a beer.
We're excited to announce the 30 nominees for Canada’s best new restaurants 2014! #eatandvote
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He feels lonely in this room despite all the people laughing and socializing everywhere around him. He suspects he should put his phone away
...and then, bang, you better be coming up with something else to remain new. Because if you’re not new, you’re old
New blog post: Post Vacation Thoughts - and the kinds of people who might want to buy my book (it's a long list)
He was a boy. Until he faced a challenge. He didn't know what to do but he confronted the challenge! This involved tragedy. Until it didn't.