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Arjun Basu
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She was the sexiest woman at the bar. I sidled up to her and I told her I was a geologist. You rock, she said. And then she rolled her eyes.
10. On Canadian Thanksgiving, Canadians take all their loonies and toonies out of their pockets and get the laundry done #fact
9. On Canadian Thanksgiving, the federal government beams Wayne and Shuster holograms into every dining room west of the Ottawa River #fact
8. On Canadian Thanksgiving, Canadians are thankful for being free from the tyranny of Imperial measurements #fact
7. On Canadian Thanksgiving, it’s not gravy it’s “grav-eh” #fact
6. On Canadian Thanksgiving, tradition calls for the Prime Minister to make love with a hockey stick in a prime time special on CBC #fact
5. On Canadian Thanksgiving, Quebecers eat pigeon #fact
4. On Canadian Thanksgiving is one the one time of year we use the “Margaret Atwood Bible” to bless the meal #fact
3. On Canadian Thanksgiving we stuff the turkey with poutine #fact
2. On Canadian Thanksgiving the floral centrepiece represents our eternal thanks for Guy Lafleur #fact
1. On Canadian Thanksgiving we spend a half hour apologizing for the overcooked turkey even when it’s not overcooked #fact
Here in Canada it’s not just the weekend, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. For non-Canadians, I prepared some facts. 10 of them.
"You start to think about things you didn't think you had a right to think about before." New blog post.
It was a secret he embraced but it also kept him lonely: He wasn't on social media because he hated people. And his dog was especially dumb.
They wanted kids but didn’t have any due to environmental concerns. They bought a cat even though they were dog people. They needed friends.
How long until Malala orders drone strikes of her own? #peaceprize
He noticed her tears while opening a beer. You lack empathy, she wailed. He looked deep into her eyes. When did you cut your hair? he asked.
The Harperites are the most “let’s see if we can get away with this” federal government I’ve seen in a while.
#GoHabsGo Nice start to the season!
For those who missed it I was interviewed by the great @RogersShelagh for The Next Chapter. I come in at 39:00 min.
I said, You don't have to cry about it. The music on the stereo swelled. That used to be our song, she sighed. I stopped cutting the onions.
I didn’t think I’d been drinking that much. Yes, I did look at their family photos and yes, I’d said, Your family is ugly. But “craft beer."
She said, I love cheese, and put it in her mouth. I said, That wasn't cheese. She almost threw up. But I reminded her about the world's poor
I turned on the radio. That enraged her. But her favorite song came on and she stopped being angry at me for a little more than two minutes.
"Some of us R more narcissistic than others. But w/out narcissism, we're all just in our rooms doing nothing" @arjunbasu #TNC @cbcradio
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Meanwhile, I'm on @cbcbooks with @RogersShelagh today (around 39:00). Shelagh makes everyone seem smarter...
A hearty congrats to everyone on the #GIllerPrize shortlist.
And @lethal_heroine! Milen End with two #GillerPrize! So happy for you guys.
I said, Call when you get there. And she kissed me and got in her cab. She called when she got there. Just to tell me she wasn't coming back
My wardrobe is the definition of lipstick on a pig. You should lose weight, my friends say. But I like the clothes I have now. Look at them!
Goat kid roti & coconut on Mr Jim's Sri Lankan canteen menu tonight & tomorrow night #PopUp
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Riz frit au poulet sur le menu du pop up Sri-Lankais de Mr. Jim ce soir et demain soir
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Thanks for the takeover, @arjunbasu! If you're curious about WAITING FOR THE MAN, check out the book trailer.…
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I’m answering questions about Waiting for the Man over at @ecwpress for the next hour. Use hashtag: #WFTM
At 2:00 (EDT) I’m going to take over @ecwpress’s twitter feed and answer all questions, even the dumb ones, about Waiting for the Man #WFTM
I could have said, Good morning. I should have. But instead I said, Your snoring sounds like a distressed walrus. Which was a giant mistake.
Today's the day! At 2pm @arjunbasu takes over our twitter feed for a Q&A about his @GillerPrize longlisted novel WAITING FOR THE MAN #WFTM
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I walked into an empty bar. I ordered a hundred beers. The bartender said, Get real. For all my so-called friends, I said. To the empty bar.
All you have to do is tweet at Arjun Basu right here (@ecwpress) tomorrow at 2pm, using #WFTM
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Tomorrow at 2pm @arjunbasu will be commandeering our account to answer questions about his @GillerPrize Longlisted book WAITING FOR THE MAN!
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I licked her ice cream and she said, Just take it. I thought she was joking. After all we’d shared. In hindsight it was the very first sign.
The finalists for this year's Rogers Writers Trust Fiction Prize. Congrats to all! #WTAwards #canlit
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