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Arjun Basu
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I thought the wine corked. I drank it anyway; it was an expensive bottle. Then I crashed my wife's car. And this is when I started squeaking
Ours is an empty house. Full of dust and unread paperbacks and leaky faucets, but barren, there is no one inside, especially when I’m in it.
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I felt diminished, and yet I knew I had to eat something so I ordered the soup. And the waitress put down her pencil and said, What’s wrong?
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I fly into a rage. She pours me a bourbon and I calm down. I examine my life and discover want. In the background Barry Manilow sings Mandy.
I find the website, and there I am, shirtless, and my arm’s around someone I don’t recognize, and that’s why I’m in a tent. In the backyard.
Without my pills your words are mere sounds, devoid of all meaning or context. Noises strung together magically. Or tediously. I can't tell.
Farley Mowat seemed as eternal as the Canadian Shield. RIP.
We’d been to karaoke the night before I lost my job. Was it my singing? Or maybe the gun I'd found. In my boss’s purse. On my bedroom floor.
Then she said good bye, though if I were being honest, things weren't all that good, probably because usually I wasn't that honest. Or good.
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I came home and she was on the sofa and looking mighty pissed. I knew I wasn’t late. What did I do? I asked. Absolutely nothing! she yelled.
We stepped out of the shower, altered, with the realization we might never shower together again, and I apologized, and rushed to the toilet
She complains about our lack of communication. She speaks of a wall constructed purely by silence. My head hurts, I tell her. Unfortunately.
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His fridge is bare; the result of affluence and indifference. And a place nearby makes good tacos. And the girl behind the counter is sweet.
There are strong mothers/women in my book. Meaning #waitingfortheman makes an awesome gift for #MothersDay.
This is what happens, unfortunately, when your team is named after an extinct species of reptile and/or a movie starring Jeff Goldblum.