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Lol I'm so bored posting hash tags and shyte lol 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
🙅 No girl wants a.... Lying ass Hoe ass Fake ass Fuck ass Phony ass Broke ass No life having ass Bitch ass nigga and that's that 💯😎👌..
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Follow me I follow back lol #thirsty for followers
This was nasty when we seen it a six flags
The best things happen unexpected 🙊🙊🙊
Your name in my phone can go from "👫💏 MY BABY 😍😁" to "281-320-8734" in .3005 seconds.
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If👏 He👏 Has👏 A👏 Girl👏 Friend👏 Back👏 The👏 Hell 👏 Off 👏 And👏 If👏 She👏 Has👏 A👏 Boy👏 Friend👏 Back👏 The👏 Hell 👏 Off 👏
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My Boyfriend Not Allowed to spray AXE in public. I seen the commercials, them hoes come out of no where.
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If i dont like you, i dont like you.. im not about to argue with you.
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It was the first day of school and it was lol but I don't haw classes with any if my friends
Will night I'm need to be up and ready for school in the morning and to go see my babies 😍😍😍✌✌✌🌑🌚
Lol go watch my ooo kill em' video lol I'm dummy dead
I am fucking bored at the apple store getting my phone fixed but Man i want a Macbook!!!!!
@Star_OMG: It's just never that serious”. Like people take shit over bored !! omg this had me dying this little boy Is bad asf
Omg I can wait in till school start to see all the new people and the new boys I hope they cute this year * not trying to sound thristy*
Many #Scorpios are powerful, dynamic, adventurous, and filled with progressive ideas
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#Scorpios find integrity in this process of observing
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Don't bother me when 1. I'm eating 🍝 2. I'm sleeping 😴 3. I'm on the phone 📞 4. Im texting 📱 5. Watching TV 📺 6. I'm Flirting 😍
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DON'T CALL ME: Babe Baby Boo Love Cutie Sweetie ANY OF THAT! Unless..👆 I'm the ONLY ONE THE ONLY ONE your calling that .!👍👌
Fuck it , I'm going to sleep so I can be well rested in the morning and ready to turn up at The Block Party .
Don't play games or toy with #Scorpio and never be a fake
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Don't ask a #Scorpio for their opinion if you are sensitive, for you will be told directly and even bluntly
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Damn I hate when you talking to somebody and they think its funny like bitch this isn't a joke !!😒😒😒
Good morning ☀☀☀☀⛅⛅☀⛅⛅⛅😃😃😃
Omg I'm new to this and need followers