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Ariel Tatum
Buat yang kemarin kelewatan, Bukan Empat Mata tayangan 15 September udah ada di YouTube ya! πŸ’‹
#TeamJoanRivers πŸ‘ΈπŸ’„πŸ’‹
If you don't have a smile, i'll give you one of mine. Happy first, worst day of the week! πŸ‘
Buku semester pertama. Cuma buat satu matakuliah. 650 halaman. Cantik!… (at Atma Jaya Catholic University) [pic] β€”
Birds flyin high you know how i feel. β™« Feeling Good by Nina Simone β€”
Punya temen di path 200, yang aktif 90, yg kerjaannya liat liat ngepoin doang 30, yang 80 nya? Semoga diberikan… β€”
One of my favorite interviews! You all should check this out on YouTube! "Cantik Itu Mahal" bareng salah satu pakar kecantikan Dr.Sonia Wibisono. Love her! ☺️
Buat kalian-kalian yang gossipin gw operasi bibir, let me tell you guys something.. Garis di bibir gw emang hasil bikinan manusia, tapi sayangnya bukan dokter, melainkan sepupu gw yg getok bibir gw sampe bocor pas gw umur 4 tahun. Yang kebetulan makin gede makin keliatan... Miring pula garisnya kalo
Untuk pertama kalinya dalam seumur hidup, di kangenin sama Pak… (w/ @minchiiequ, Ahimsa, & 2 others) [pic] β€”
β€œ@Amarrizki79: @arieltatum sebentar lagi ada Ariel Tatum Live di HITAM PUTIH @TRANS7 pkl 19.00 Wib”
Peek a boo! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ
@arieltatum kak, apa bener nanti kak ariel tatum di hitam putih t7 ???
Retweeted by Ariel Tatum
Girls. Why. πŸ˜©πŸ’” oh look! Cake! πŸ°πŸ˜πŸ‘ (with Natasya) [
Lovin my hair today! ❀️
Senin yah? Kita sih masih last day of the weekend πŸ˜‚πŸ» (wit@nisadhanikaka at Atma Jaya Catholic University) [pic]
This is what happened when God gave me 6 guys at the same time... I messed up.... Apple cider, anyone? 😬 #BabysitSunday
"Im just easy to see." Definitely minch, definitely. Ini assistant ku, mana assistant… (w/ @minchiiequ) [pic] β€”
Why do bad things happen to good people? #EarlierThisMorning #ThanksToMyMascara πŸ‘
Maaf ya bas aku gantiin kamu di CJR nih.. (with Teuku, Bone, and 2 others at Agent X Kemang ) [pic] β€”
Dan ternyata Sinusitis punya adik.. [pic] β€”
And i dont feel the same.. β™« Everybody's Changing by Keane β€”
Siapa lagi yang berani ngomongin orang se pedes itu kalo udah ga ada nenek-nenek satu ini di Fashion… [pic] β€”
Tom and Jerry reunited. (with Corbuzier at Studio Hanggar) [pic] β€”
7am english class. Why. (at @UnikaAtmaJaya) β€”
Numpang pipis endingnya nge gossip.. Salah gw kesini salahhhh!!! (with @sarahdns at Paramadina University) β€”
Living my life in this entertainment world plus working hard for a degree is a beautifully crazy thing to do. But i dont do average. I do awesomeness. Whats yours? #GOBIGGER
Gimana dong ini.. πŸ˜• (with@romyrafaelmindd) [pic] β€”
Muka bantal, perut lapar. But first, a… (w/ @nisadhanika at Atma Jaya Catholic University Of Indonesia) [pic] β€”
Ariel Tatum - If You Go Away Cover
Dan akhirnya pun di post juga.. Hahaha its been weeks!!! My Barbra Streisand's "If You Go Away" Cover. See the full version on Youtube. And subscribe for mooooore πŸ’‹β€οΈ
Its just you and me and my all time favorite ice cream in the middle of this sunday evening.. Just like the old days.. #Bae #ImDatingMyJag #DontBeJelly #HesALoyalHubby
πŸ’‹ Mon ChΓ©ri πŸ’‹
Reunited with some of the Unilever familyyy!! Happy wedding Mr. Johan Lee πŸ’•
Goodbye to my long hair? βœ‚οΈ
Cabernet sauvignon and 60s songs. A perfect way to end a day. 🍷 β™« Blind Girl by Etta James β€”
Haters be hatin but chekin my Instagram religiously. Makasih yaa pada selalu mau ngeluangin waktu buat ngomongin guehh ❀️ Nih gw kasi lapak lagi buat kalian ngoceh πŸ’‹πŸ‘Έ
I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all. -Coco Chanel
HAHA keep watching πŸ’‹ @Fernan2_Kunyukk: Balek rumah tiba2 channel tv ada FTV@arieltatumm jadi pembantu. Buset kalo dirumah ane pembantunya k”
Tayang lagi nihh Pembantu Tak Pernah Ingkar Janji nanti jam 14.30 di SCTV!… (w/ @emansuhada, Husnie, & 4 others) β€”
Enough with the ice bucket challenge. I nominate my ex for the hot boiling water challenge. You guys have 24 hours. Seriously. 😌
Life is short. Life is strange. Its a mystery. Its beautiful. Paint the sky your favorite color. And be happy. ✨
But you'll be alright now sugar.. β™« Don't Cry by @gunsnroses β€”
Whoa! So blonde πŸ˜‚ @marlynhrmwnn: Lucukkkk<3@arieltatumm "@SelfieTwitpic: Ini selfie Aril Tatum :) mana selfie mu?"”
Received this shit after a long, tiring, rough day. The cheesiest thing from the cheesiest human being.… [pic] β€”
Loving the details! Thanks to whoever made this sketch! 😘
Karna kalo mau ngurusin orang gila, kita juga harus gila dulu. #latepost
Yukk nonton Sentil live hari ini jam 14.30 WIB πŸ’‹ (at Trans TV) β€”