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3 books behind schedule. Not for long.
.@Light_shot your software is not working correctly. Images taking minutes to upload & showing as broken images some times. Will you fix it?
I just reserved my OnePlus 2 invite! Sign up for yours today.…
Hey @gyazo I've been experiencing quite a few issues today. Images not coming up and temporarily "disappearing" #fix?
An incredible overview of Budva.
Trying out the "Montenegro Sandwich" at Delta City
Computer people, thanks for access to the world & the sum of human knowledge. But could you work on batteries? Cords are mildly inconvenient
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Cityfriend facilitates sharing with people around you, through an active community of Cityfriends
Getting the new @Android 5.0 Lollipop on my #Nexus 5. Can't wait to see how it will improve my phone!
The #Nexus6 looks great, but why should I switch from my #Nexus5 when I have no complaints about it? @googlenexus
"I can barely wait for the new monthly #PS4 titles from @PlayStation #Plus" - Said no one ever! Stick it to the Man? Seriously?
#ad Everyone enjoyed the European Poker Tour live? Watch it again at:
Watch the European Poker Tour live to see someone win $1 million. Join the conversation now @EPTLive #ad
Why, after reading this, does the the brain not recognize the second the?
"Lactose intolerant cheese-maker" - @zefrank Similar to everything you say, this is pure genius! Haven't laughed harder this month! Thanks!
If only #clients knew how much work and effort was put into their projects. They'd certainly show a lot more gratitude if they did. #Reality
A photo of a section of the new studio! The long awaited for launch is ready! #Albania
The new studio! The long awaited for launch is ready!
The best thing about working with #SEO is monitoring the #ranks increase after a campaign has just finished. It's a very satisfying feeling!
#RetweetVSFavorite Who would prevail in a battle between the #XBOXONE VS #PS4! Two legends compete! VOTE NOW!
han · gry (han-gree) adj a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state
#Warning the #ebay seller bessky_store: Gives you fake trackings websites & refuses to refund money! Aweful #scammer!
I just found out that the #PS4 is on #amazon for pre-order! It'll be painful to wait until the end of the year tho.
#Facebook introduces verified pages and profiles of high-profile users. Facebook following on #Twitters footsteps?!
Dear #Pessimist, #Optimist, and #Realist: While you guys argued whether the glass is full or empty, I sold the glass. Regards, #Entrepreneur
#Albania is a pretty #amazing place. If you'd like to see some its wonders, take a look at this great photo gallery:
For the first time I used super glue without getting it all over my fingers. Today was a good day! #win
The more I observe and study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshiped anything but himself.
Today has been a echo of yesterday's tomorrow.
Yahoo decides to acquire #Tumblr?! I will not be surprised if this ends up just like the #MySpace acquisition. Goodbye Tumblr?
Everyone needs to understand that it's "-Good Customer- Service" and not "Good -Customer Service" so try being polite every once in a while!
Placing the word "only" in front of any price instantly makes the item affordable. "Cookies Only $16.99" "Global debt only $50 Trillion"
This is an amazing example of what user interaction can produce! I highly recommend going through the hole thing #FTW
Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway! #Albania should really learn a lesson from this! #Recycling…
It’s unrealistic to think that the future of humanity can be achieved only on the basis of prayer, what we need is to take action.
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If you're a real #skeptical person then #aprilfools day will be the same as any other. Don't believe everything you hear people! #Research
I can't believe I waited this long for this!… Gmail Blue! #aprilfools
Feeling the terrible effects of "Daylight Saving Time" and I wonder to myself why on earth it's still a thing! More harmful than good #imo!
I'm utterly speechless by the things revealed at #GDC #GDC2013 Gaming is being revolutionized! I'm talking about Battlefield 4 people! #PS4
Just finished reading "A Storm of Swords"! I can hardly wait until #GOT starts on the 31st, to see how they've adapted the events! #awesome
I'm on #Facebook if you'd like to follow me: Keep in mind that I only speak #Albanian over there. #dftba
Ready to watch #Django #Unchained! I'm certain #Tarantino will have made another great hit!
Did you hear about the #insomniac #dyslexic #atheist? He stayed up all night wondering if there really was a dog?
I've finally managed to convince myself to reopen my personal blog. Tweaking the #WordPress template to make it just right.
Eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the #Samsung #Galaxy #S4! Watching on #cnetlive with great input from the guys there.
Driving around #Tirana you face assholes who do such maneuvers very often. Makes driving in #Albania very stressing.

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