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Ardhy Muzaki
I can't wait till HIMYM S9 alternate ending comes out on dvd so I can torrent it!
The Black Keys - Fever [Official Audio]… via @YouTube
New study shows people with vegetarian diets are less likely to be healthy, with higher rates of ...
Bruce Lee doesn't drink water, he drinks wataaaa
Quit looking for false acceptance&attention on social networks and start building genuine face to face relationships with the people we love
Yes yes you're the only one around here who hasn't watched Frozen. So watch it! Just watch the shit out of this movie! Just let it go. Arrgh
See! Gravity won a handful of oscars this year. Whoever said it was a bad movie and not worth watching, they're clearly blind or stupid
Don't make promises when you're happy and don't try to make pancakes when you're drunk
Dammit, first Frozen then the Lego Movie. Are people out there trying to get songs stuck in our heads forever
How I feel when I play flappy bird
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J) (Official) ft. Juicy J… via @YouTube
Every single time I hear the intro
Wow that's so cool. Hating on something only because the mainstream hates it. Why not have your own opinion
Ffs, only blind people and douchebags wear sunglasses inside around midnight
How to double profits via @9GAG -- Tired of your shit, Apple!
I don't always go out on weekends, but when I do I got to be home by 8 -_-
8 things worth knowing about eating sushi via @9GAG -- Read sushi tips, eat pizza anyway
If someone lends you money, pay them back. Don't make them ask for it. I assume this is common knowledge
These so called "positive" people who posted motivational statuses and shit they stole from the internet. Get your shit together man.
What does the Fox say...
Go ahead make fun of my Galaxy Note 2 via @9GAG
Who the hell still uses old-fashioned checks, doesn't everyone use Internet banking nowadays. Well fancy people do, I'd never understand
When Siri ruins the beat drop cause she's giving directions.. W/ bwest
Bad decisions make great stories