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Adam Rogers
There are actually people who still believe the earth is flat. Educated people with YouTube.
Rebecca Cullen - Carry On | Oak Sessions | Live Acoustic Music via @YouTube
Fucking fucking fucking fucking bastard fucking Windows
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Numberphiles, read this. It'll make make you feel very funny inside. Start at the Graham's number part:…
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Peter Dinklage sang to Game Of Thrones theme...…
2 pints up north £5.25. 2 pints in London £10.90.
"The only way to make money in this game is to steal." - Best inspirational quote ever. @Liv_Boeree
Work begins on the mute pedal!
I call bullshit. Why'd the women end up having 2 piglets following them? #TheIslandWithBearGrylls #TheIsland @BearGrylls
“@Dinger_Larns69: @MrDDyer your on eastenders that's d end of your career your lame on it get back to movies u si”<It's YOU'RE..u bald slice
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I love James May for choosing to put that hat on to make his statement.
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Why would @walkers_crisps make "Vinegar and Onion" flavoured Sensations? And then make then look similar to "Thai Sweet Chilli"? Mingin!
The new #MacBook is the stupidest thing I've ever seen..
We've got quality #cycles available so you can enjoy your #cycling in 2015 like this Ridgeback MX3
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Not boat people anymore.. just ordinary people #Sigh #FakePirates. Moving into our lovely new house tomorrow though @ArcticanAudio GAH! :)
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"@FUKPnews: No, more Page Three #VOTEFUKP" excellent use of the comma. Common sense.
3 - Foreign Policy. Germany has been too quiet for too long. Just saying.
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Glad to say that Midi Madness V2 is out now!
He nicked my IRN-BRU, and let go of my haaaand. #irnbru #snowman via @YouTube
How to join Anonymous. Be warned Anonymous is not for the weak minded.
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@ArcticanAudio "Homo Habilis - A person who spends far too much time at B&Q"
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Never knew Yorkshire was in China! #sneakychineseebayers
The Clown 1.0 by arcticanaudio: 'The Clown' adds a random bit of pitch-bend every note. You use the 'Creepynes...
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Why does Visual Studio 2013's menu bar SHOUT AT ME?! #VisualStudio #capslock
Who decided to make Russell Brand some kind of people's champion? I can only assume he did it himself.
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I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Error 418.
Little blog for you guys.. the times they are a-changing (all of them?!) xx
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"You can't sell horse tranquillisers to a midget."
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"Ok Google" gave me this... Wtf... I Said Listen Bitch!: #googleapp
Finished my first Terry Pratchett book last night... Loved it. Especially Mr. Tulip... #discworld
Went to a bar at a college at the Oxford University. Worried the bouncer wouldn't let us in. The butler held the door open for us....
If you look inside a dictionary you'll notice that out of all the animals, aardvark comes first. Dirty bastards.
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The future is here! Awesome stuff @Mystfit Pensato: Fissure: #oculus #vr #ableton
Talking to my girlfriend about fast fourier transforms. She started about pandas that turn into cars. No. #FFT. Not #fastfurrytransformers
How to do audio on a Mac: turn on the Mac. How to do audio on Linux: endure two days of excruciating installation, script and config pain.
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Living on a boat has given my body the vertical ability of a gyroscope.
Beastiest animal ever? The honey badger. Absolute monster.
The early bird catches the worm. The second mouse gets the cheese.
Oxford library has 4 different @RichardHammond books in the biography section. And 1 Ghandi.
Oxford's doing something right - most of the taxis are Toyota Prius. Can't hear them sneak up on you though!
Lovely. A box of runts. Nice one Wonka. #lostintranslation

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