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"@ramconstok: How to get @ArcticanAudio out of bed.. "bacon butties are on offer at wethersp.." He's gone." 10 mins before closing :-)
Can't wait to be an old man.. having a pint with my breakfast in Wetherspoons by the fire at 10 in the morning.... #oldalcoholicman
Sigourney Weaver's got a thrashing horny beaver. Props to the #cockmobster @mcpb
Hppy vibes for @ArcticanAudio entertainin the #Newbury masses solo today.. sunshine! Good luck, not that u need it Mr Cool :) #Accordion
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If Adam wakes up in the next 25 minutes I'll make him a bacon sandwich. Shh. Be vewy qwiet.
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Reasons why #IESucks - No.4 - Bing is the default search engine. #BingSucks
Always desire to learn something useful. - Sophocles
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It's all getting a bit much. I'm off to the shed to play with a cassette deck and a turntable.ā€¦
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Reasons why #IESucks - No.3 - Searching 'Internet Explorer' in Bing yields IE7 as the top result, which stopped updating in 2009 #BingSucks
Reasons why #IESucks compared to #Chrome - No.2 - IE doesn't have a 'Right Click > Copy Link Address' option
Reasons why #IESucks compared to #Chrome - No.1 - All the tabs are displayed as individual windows in the taskbar
I'm determined to get my PC back up and running by weekend... Serious lack of @Ableton and #Programming at the moment!
Think I'm about to jump head first into this music malarkey.. No turning back now.. Happy times make happy people..! And vice versa x
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"@ramconstok: @ArcticanAudio - There are more of you.."@donquixote229: I'm morally opposed to raisins."" Precisely. Stupid dried fruit.
Hello Wales. Hello dog. Hello rain. #weathersshitinwalestoo
"@Gizmodo: 9 playing card decks that are too pretty for your poker table" @regularblueMTT sick
Playing Live tonight in Donnington at Harry's Bar (Fox and Hounds) Newbury, from 7pm. Lush pub, looking forward to it !
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"@ramconstok: If Adam wakes up in the next 25 minutes I'll make him a bacon sandwich. Shh. Be vewy qwiet." Just in time for #bacon :-)
Stacking up to be an exciting year - @ArcticanAudio musical mayhem !
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Accordion and guitar combo with @ramconstok ... superb!
Exciting musical news, out soon.. More importantly, one day this month we will have electricity at home ! *twinkle toes* @ArcticanAudio
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If your watch doesn't match your table,you're not on my level yet.
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The sun is shining, #Lubuntu is whining
Well laptop, how considerate of you to break just when I need you the most.
Thanks as always for the support @willslmmusic :) Indeed, come on down to @Thirsty_Scholar tomorrow night for some music x x
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