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MajorMinor 【=︿=】
Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!
Ben Sollee - Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)[Tropical House] Also...Anyone hate what Soundcloud is doing to their...
To think no other life forms exist is like thinking there is only one type of fish in the sea. #science #universe
Love how youtube ads always load so easily...then it's just like fuck loading the actual video you want to watch
Love the Banana Man Raging out To Virtual Riot - Gangsters!
My big brother was B.I.G.’s brother! Used to be Dame and B.I.G.’s brother. #MrWest
I won't lie, dubstep music does not help with anxiety. Or people who have A.D.D for that matter.
This world has too many distractions...
I would love to watch people's reactions.
Please Play the 6 hours of Beethoven at my funeral.
Dark Hadou Carmack remix is one of the hardest songs out
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Did I just find Ramen in my Asian Chicken Salad...Da Faq?
Did Anyone ever stop to think humans might be headed down the wrong path?
"@janeesterline: All I want is to be able to do the Carlton dance😖" Don't we All...💃
Zuckerberg must be teaching Soundclown how to destroy their platform
Soundclown is really starting to suck. Wtf are they doing to this platform
We're currently looking for writers! Please private msg me for more dets. We help get writers press passes to cover their favorite artists
Well we still get @Pharrell & @oficailDaftpunk New Music Video for "Gust of Wind" so it's still the best day ever.…
If Only #DaftPunk would release a craft beer called Draft Punk that would make today 1000x better.
Check Out Pharrell & Daft Punk in the New "Gust of Wind" Music Video. Man I <3 These Helmets
"Tenny mucho mucho Deniro in su Trucky-trailer" Will go down in history as one of the best quotes ever. @iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight
I will no longer refer to #Soundcloud as it's actual name...It shall be called Soundclown
I can't is a very negative word. Try substituting it with "I will" or "I know I can" and see how quickly things change in your life.
Parallel to Reality Lives Actuality
Who would of thought @officialjaden would have a bigger rap career than his dad. #SorryNotSorry Mr. Smith. #Respect The Rap Game.
Who would of thought @officialjaden Would Drop absolute fire! Better Than 99% of the Hip Hop out there. #Respect
I Don't Know if This Adds Up...I May Be Lacking All of It. #illuminati
Of course size matters. No one wants a small pizza
Its gotten to the point where I've taken drastic measures to wake up in the morning. I set 3 alarm clocks from 3 different parts of the room
Anyone who I'm friends with on Fb that is not really into music probably thinks that I am a fucking psychopath.
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I wanted a double bacon cheeseburger but can't find the keys. I take that as a blessing
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Can we get much higher!? Bum bum bum bum bum bum #KanyeWest
Heart hands are so hot right now...
15 bucks little man. Put that shit in my hands!
Meet the Wu-Tang Clan of EDM. The Collective known as "Moving Castle" with Manila Killa, AOBeats, Hunt for the...
Jesus Christ @mvngcstl you guys are like the Wu-Tang Clan of Electronic Producers... Did I miss anyone? ODB Where u AT!?
Enjoy discovering new #artists and listening to quality #music? Check out and get #FreeDownloads #MusicMonday
Nice one @Maj0rMinor for hosting our track new 'Zhaoxing' on their sound cloud!!…
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