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AP Stylebook
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AP Style tip: Use gambling for playing games of chance. Avoid use of gaming except in quotations, proper names or referring to video games.
Take me out to the ballgame, one word. Also ballclub, ballpark, ballplayer.
AP Style tip: Which is correct: Israeli defense forces or Israeli Defense Forces? Ask the Editor has the answer:
AP Style tip: For foodies: chickpea is preferred to garbanzo bean in stories.
Thank you for joining us for the business chat. Our next chat is Aug. 5, 2:30 p.m. EDT, with @borenbears on weather. #APStyleChat
Generic names of internal departments in corporations are lowercase: human resources, payroll, legal, marketing. #APStyleChat
Stock symbols should not be used in place of company names in stories. #APStyle Chat @WA_News_Junkie
It's iPhone and iPad except at the beginning of a sentence. Use IPad and IPhone when the word starts a sentence. #APStyleChat .
We use timeline, one word, but time frame, two words. We follow Webster's New World College Dictionary. #APStyleChat
We use Internet, with a capital I, in all uses. #ApStyleChat
One word for email is acceptable in all references. Use a hyphen with other e- terms: e-commerce, e-business, e-book. #APStyleChat
The CFO typically handles major financial responsibilities; COO is often responsible for a company's day-to-day operations. #APStyleChat
We have expanded the CEO entry to include the CFO and COO roles. CEO typically has the primary decision-making authority. #APStyleChat
New entry in 2014: emoji, emojis for symbols of cartoon faces, hand gestures, food and animals often used on mobile devices. #APStyleChat
Do not use a comma before Inc. or Ltd., even if it is included in a company's formal name. #APStyleChat
We know what's on your mind: We use Wal-Mart - not Walmart - in all uses, based on the company's corporate filings. #APStyleChat
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AP Style tip: Stanch is a verb: He stanched the flow of blood.Staunch is an adjective: She is a staunch supporter of equality.
AP Style tip: Is it not-so-good or not so good? Doubled up or doubled-up? Let's ask Ask the Editor:
How do you use Inc., Ltd. or LLC in a business name? Guest expert @philanapj joins #APStyleChat on business style Monday, 2:30 p.m. EDT.
AP Style tip: Wicca is a religion shaped by pagan beliefs and practices. Wiccan is both an adjective and a noun. Uppercase in all uses.
Hacker commonly describes someone who unlawfully penetrates proprietary computer systems.
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