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AP Stylebook
AP style tip: Writers or speakers imply, listeners or readers infer.
If you host friends this weekend, you might prepare canapes, a type of hors d'oeuvres.
We're happy to share. RT @Probyn I'm not even trying to hide my #geekpride that @APStylebook has a new e-newsletter.
To forego means to go before, to forgo means to abstain from. #APStyle
Check "keep me logged in" to avoid your Stylebook Online password resetting, @vonnestar.
Daylight saving time ends Sunday at 2 a.m. Remember it's saving, not savings.
Quarterback, fullback and linebacker are all one word, as is touchdown. #APStyle #football
Schoolbook, schoolchildren and schoolyard are one word, but school year, school age and school bus are two.
AP style tip: Use periods and no space when an individual uses initials instead of a first name.
AP Stylebook now is available as an e-book, published by @BasicBooks.
AP style tip: Use hyphens in the compound modifier back-to-school, not in the standalone phrase.
AP Stylebook & Webster's New World Online is updated to reflect our primary dictionary's new guidance on Denali:
Making Labor Day travel plans? Buckle your seat belt, two words.#APStyle
AP style tip: Watch your vowels in vinaigrette, a blend of oil and vinegar, usually used as salad dressing. #APStyle
AP style tip: Use sleeved to mean fitted with sleeves, often hyphenated in compounds like short-sleeved. #fashion
AP style tip: Girl is applicable until a subject's 18th birthday. Use woman or young woman afterward.
Spell out amounts less than 1 in stories, using hyphens between the words: two-thirds, four-fifths, etc.
Thanks! RT @JKonfrst It's so pretty. Thanks @JillVanWyke for hooking me up w my new @APStylebook!! #ReadyToGrade
AP style tip: #soccer is the preferred term in the U.S., elsewhere the sport is referred to as #football.
AP style tip: A meme is a piece of information shared verbally or transmitted widely, often in social media.
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