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AP Stylebook
AP Style tip: Capitalize school when part of a proper name: Public School 3, Madison Elementary School, Crocker High School.
Like baptizing it? MT @saltedcake: picked up a brand-new @APStylebook. I can't wait until I spill coffee on it like I did the others.
AP Style tip from our Food Guidelines: plonk is a slang term for low-quality wine.
AP Style tip: Labor Day is the first Monday in September. Enjoy!
Fall sports are gearing up so here's guidance on using coach as a job description, title or term of address.
Glad to hear it! MT @nstpr: thankful for @APStylebook online. So convenient when writing & editing for releases, blog posts, Web copy ...
AP Style tip: It's the U.S. Open in all references. Read more:
Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, launches Tuesday. Use it today in AP Stylebook & Webster's New World Online.
AP Style tip: Which is correct: an Ebola victim, a Ebola victim, an Ebola patient? Let's Ask the Editor:
A three-minute video shows you how AP StyleGuard automatically checks style in Microsoft Word.
Welcome! MT @thatChrisHarper: Got the online @APStylebook. Miss the nostalgia of the paper book but a quick online search is so worth it!
AP Style tip: Canada's Maritime Provinces are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
AP Style tip: A mantel is a shelf. A mantle is a cloak.
AP Style tip: It's baby-sit, baby-sitting, baby-sat, baby sitter.
AP Style tip: From the Religion Guidelines: preacher is a job description, not a formal religious title. Do not capitalize.
AP Style tip: Lowercase taps (no quotation marks), the bugle call for "lights out," also sounded at military funerals.
A live demo of AP Lingofy 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday will show it proofs your writing on Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
Good luck! MT @ThomasNegron: First day of my new job. I'm carrying @APStylebook and a label maker so I'm prepared for pretty much anything.
AP Style tip: Yummy: s'more is a campfire dessert of toasted marshmallow and chocolate between graham crackers.
AP Style tip: In general, avoid jargon. When appropriate in a special context, include an explanation of any unfamiliar words.
College instructors, if you want a Stylebook Online trial or a desk copy, we have information just for you:
It's T-shirt on first reference -- capital T, with a hyphen -- but tee is acceptable on second reference.
AP Style tip: Is it pre-authorized or preauthorized in stories about medical treatment? Ask the Editor answers:
AP Style tip: Use Standard & Poor's 500 index on first reference, S&P 500 on subsequent references. Read more:
AP Style tip: Use airstrike as one word. Read more:
AP Style tip: What is the correct usage of on before a day or date? Let's let Ask the Editor tackle that one:
Phrase your answer in the form of a correctly punctuated question. Screenshot courtesy of @Jeopardy Productions Inc.
Use Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, weeks ahead of its official release:
AP Style tip: For foodies, the term al dente is Italian for to the tooth. It refers to pasta cooked until tender, but slightly firm.
Thanks to all who joined us in the weather chat. Our next #APStyleChat is on fashion terms with Jocelyn Noveck on Sept. 15 at 2:30 p.m. EDT
Sharknado? @JustinKeener; we've talked real weather. We'll worry about it when we see a flying hammerhead. #APStyleChat
Hurricane? Cyclone? Typhoon? They're all officially tropical cyclones. The names differ in various parts of the world. #APStyleChat
AP uses hurricane names originated by the World Meteorological Organization, but not Weather Channel winter storm names. #APStyleChat @NHC
Do you hyphenate high and low pressure with system? AP has done it both ways. Our preference is no hyphen. #APStyleChat @AndreaTWeather
Landspout is a slang term. It's a type of tornado; we tend not to use the term. #APStyleChat @PatrickInNC
El Nino stands alone in first reference. We often add event in explaining it. AP doesn't use accent marks. #APStyleChat @AtmosNews
AP capitalizes tropical storm when it comes before the name: Tropical Storm Bertha. It's part of the name. #APStyleChat @NASAHurricane
There's an e in tornadoes. The way to remember is that the scale for tornadoes is the Enhanced Fujita (EF). #APStyleChat @jstorm64
polar vortex had been in weather books since 1950s, but now joins the AP Stylebook after winter 2013-4; #APStyleChat
New this year to 2014 #APStylebook are weather terms polar vortex, derecho, monsoon and storm surge; others refined. #APStyleChat
So let's talk weather style in #APStyleChat: Let's begin with a pet peeve: Hurricanes are it, not him or her despite names. @borenbears
Welcome to #APStyleChat on weather terms with science writer Seth Borenstein @borenbears. Please send us your questions.
AP Style tip: cease-fire, cease-fires (n. and adj.) The verb form is cease fire. Read more:
What's the difference between a cyclone, tornado and hurricane? Join #APStyleChat at 2:30 p.m. EDT today for weather style with @borenbears.
AP Style tip: Hmmm ... Is the United States a plural or singular noun? Let's Ask the Editor:
Everybody talks about the weather, including #APStyleChat. Join @borenbears Tuesday, 2:30 p.m. EDT, to talk weather style.
RT @elliott602az: As a follower of #APStyle, I love a best-seller (not bestseller or best seller).
chili, chilies - Refers generally to spicy peppers, as well as the meat- or sometimes bean-based dish. Exception: Hatch chile of Hatch, N.M.
AP Style tip: check-in (n., adj.), check in (v.), checkout (n., adj.), check out (v.), checkup (n., adj.), check up (v.)