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Are you going to #ONA14? Stylebook's product manager, Colleen Newvine, will demonstrate our digital products at AP's booth.
Answering the colorblocking question, it means a garment with geometric chunks of bright colors. #APStyleChat
Thanks for joining today's #APStyleChat. Join us Oct. 13, 2:30 p.m. EDT, when guest expert Sue Manning will discuss the style of pets.
Spectators are a style of two-tone shoes with perforations. #APStyleChat
You might have been a spectator at a #NYFW show but do you know what a spectator shoe is? #APStyleChat
It's supermodel, no hyphen, but super-skinny with a hyphen. Most supermodels are super-skinny. #APStyleChat
This word can really trip you up. It's stiletto, stilettos, stiletto-heeled shoes. #APStyleChat
We also saw a lot of seafoam, for example in the Rodarte collection, inspired by tide pools. Seafoam takes no hyphen. #APStyleChat
Citrine is a color we saw a lot during #NYFW. It's a bright, lemon-colored hue. #APStyleChat
Thanks, @thatchelseagirl -- buffalo check is a checkered pattern with bold, well-defined squares. #APStyleChat
A pompom is an ornamental ball or tuft on clothing. Pom-pom is any of several rapid-firing automatic weapons. Hyphens matter. #APStyleChat
The term buffalo check came up in Oscar de la Renta's #NYFW show. Do you know what that is? #APStyleChat
Complement with an e denotes completeness. Compliment with an i is about praise. We use the first term frequently in fashion. #APStyleChat
Do you know what colorblocking is? This technique appeared in many collections during New York Fashion Week. #APStyleChat
Welcome to today's #APStyleChat with guest expert Jocelyn Noveck talking about the style of fashion. @JocelynNoveckAP @AP_Fashion
Guest expert Jocelyn Noveck joins #APStyleChat at 12:30 p.m. EDT today to answer your questions about the style of fashion.
Capitalize Sriracha hot sauce. It's also in our pronunciation guide: sree-YAH'-chah
New time: Guest expert Jocelyn Noveck joins our Twitter chat to talk about fashion 12:30 p.m. EDT Monday. #APStyleChat,
AP Style tip: Velcro is a trademark for a nylon material that is pressed together for easy fastening. Use a generic term - fabric fastener.
We're offering back-to-school pricing on @lingofy, $49.99 for your first year of proofing online text.
Guest expert Jocelyn Noveck joins #APStyleChat Monday to talk about that other kind of style -- fashion. 2:30 p.m. EDT.
AP Style tip: A native of Scotland is a Scot. The people are Scots. Something or somebody is Scottish. Read more:
AP's Ask the Editor just answered a question about baseball innings - his 20,000 Q&A! Check it out:
AP Style tip: NATO is acceptable in all references for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Read more:
AP Style tip: Baltic states are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, countries on the Baltic Sea.
AP Style tip: Capitalize school when part of a proper name: Public School 3, Madison Elementary School, Crocker High School.
Like baptizing it? MT @saltedcake: picked up a brand-new @APStylebook. I can't wait until I spill coffee on it like I did the others.
AP Style tip from our Food Guidelines: plonk is a slang term for low-quality wine.
AP Style tip: Labor Day is the first Monday in September. Enjoy!
Fall sports are gearing up so here's guidance on using coach as a job description, title or term of address.
Glad to hear it! MT @nstpr: thankful for @APStylebook online. So convenient when writing & editing for releases, blog posts, Web copy ...
AP Style tip: It's the U.S. Open in all references. Read more:
Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, launches Tuesday. Use it today in AP Stylebook & Webster's New World Online.
AP Style tip: Which is correct: an Ebola victim, a Ebola victim, an Ebola patient? Let's Ask the Editor:
A three-minute video shows you how AP StyleGuard automatically checks style in Microsoft Word.
Welcome! MT @thatChrisHarper: Got the online @APStylebook. Miss the nostalgia of the paper book but a quick online search is so worth it!
AP Style tip: Canada's Maritime Provinces are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
AP Style tip: A mantel is a shelf. A mantle is a cloak.
AP Style tip: It's baby-sit, baby-sitting, baby-sat, baby sitter.
AP Style tip: From the Religion Guidelines: preacher is a job description, not a formal religious title. Do not capitalize.
AP Style tip: Lowercase taps (no quotation marks), the bugle call for "lights out," also sounded at military funerals.
A live demo of AP Lingofy 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday will show it proofs your writing on Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
Good luck! MT @ThomasNegron: First day of my new job. I'm carrying @APStylebook and a label maker so I'm prepared for pretty much anything.
AP Style tip: Yummy: s'more is a campfire dessert of toasted marshmallow and chocolate between graham crackers.
AP Style tip: In general, avoid jargon. When appropriate in a special context, include an explanation of any unfamiliar words.
College instructors, if you want a Stylebook Online trial or a desk copy, we have information just for you:
It's T-shirt on first reference -- capital T, with a hyphen -- but tee is acceptable on second reference.
AP Style tip: Is it pre-authorized or preauthorized in stories about medical treatment? Ask the Editor answers:
AP Style tip: Use Standard & Poor's 500 index on first reference, S&P 500 on subsequent references. Read more: