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Apocalypse Dawn
Various duties are rostered but large amount of free time whilst crammed up on inside, no need venture out except security responsibilities.
Communal areas provide 3 basic meals day, also set aside rooms for entertainment including 24hr movies large games room and even a small gym
Still getting isolated incidents of attempted trespass within our compounds, desperate times despite the savage weather outside.
These gangs fragmented from larger gang that initially operated from the Mall. They began feuding between themselves becoming less of threat
A couple of vicious young gangs still roam our sector & are a huge mennace but they keep away from us & instead target other smaller groups.
We keep a register of all known independants within our area. There are quite a few others ranging from single men to small family groups.
There are obvious benefits for both groups but at present we are keeping our urban base for strategic and resources gathering purposes.
Our exchange program with resume when winter breaks. We have discussed initial thoughts for eventual amalgamation. Each keeping options open
Much of the credit goes to our rural partners. The produce supplements existing stores ensuring healthier diet over the harsh winter months
Our crop harvest was reasonably successful considering the few months of better weather we had in place of any kind of real summer
Full provision has been made for winter survival, our accommodation is warm and security is maintained 24 hours a day.
Weather has been unrelenting for weeks now, heavy snow has fallen and we are not expecting any respite until April earliest.
Roo,Den,Rich, myself & 3 voted members sit on a committee which governs our group. We have laid down progressive 'laws' as time has passed
Roo and Den basically control our defence as administrators though the tactics are taught by two ex military professionals we hand chose.
We now have a defence force of over 200 men including a few ladies and have a continual presence at the outpost we have named The Divide.
This resulted in fortification of lines on our side of Freeway separating areas of control.Horroric stories continue to come out of the East
In addition we have the continual threat from the Eastside former Motor cycle gang which resulted in several clashes over the summer months.
Internal greed and mistrust, low base of initial supply & outside violence were the main causes. Local youth gangs being the main culprits
The trading neighbours we had throughout early part of first year have mainly floundered.A few merged with ours but a couple others perished
Trading also continues with the rural community we established earlier in the summer. This has been a very successful & trusting partnership
The price has been fairly high though for essential medical care but we have so far managed to keep a mutually beneficial relationship going
For now we have an amicable relationship & have even negotiated some trade,particularly the use of a medical facility they continued to run.
They still claimed to be in contact with higher authorities but this has been questioned in a couple of meetings we have held with them.
We'd had more talks with those representing themselves as 'officialdom'. These being former police officers & few rogue government officials
Our own community had survived the summer months well,stock piling for the winter and beyond was our priority however we had other problems.
Over 5 billion people throughout the world have died during the first year mostly from exposure & hunger or disease or health related issues
The exact survival rate worldwide is unknown after the first year,estimates are lower than 15% in the US & as low as 5% throughout the world
Closer to home the US has had a mild summer,snow has stayed on some higher ground year round.Surviving the second winter is now our priority
The Australian/US alliance is prospering though they've faced many refugee problems as many people throughout world try to make their way.
In recent months the political landscape has calmed down though there is an underlying tension between Israel and the Gulf States.
India & Pakistan had nuked each other back to near stone ages & were for the most part a wasteland though the Indian government had survived
Not much was known of China though it was certain central control had ceded to provincial rule which in turn was slowly disintegrating.
Israel which had militarily eradicated most of its border threats still had a shaky alliance with a slowly declining Russian Federation
Indonesia had recovered,survived and were thriving in the new world order as were the Gulf states.Europe had a few provincial control points
It had negotiated various allegiances with old allies and had taken its place as a new super power in the world order.
Australia after its own initial problems had remained one of the few outposts in the world that had managed to reorganise its infrastructure
Whilst still maintaining sovereignty over the US they reasoned that government, military and essential personnel were best used offshore.
Eventually communication came from official Government sources exiled in Australia explaining that US mainland had been all but abandoned
Dust in the atmosphere brought on an early and sustained winter,many more perished in freezing conditions through starvation or just gave up
Infrastructure failure resulted in essential services eventually ceasing to exist. People had to rely on their own initiative to survive.
There was financial and political meltdown throughout the world. War errupted in the Middle East and Asia. Rioting and looting was rife.
Ejecta thrown into atmosphere resulting in severe damage thousands miles away. Forest fires ran out of control. Earth tremors were common.
Tsunami's tore into the Western coast of the US, Japan and Eastern Asia. Whole cities were destroyed and hundreds of millions perished.
On 19th October 2012 our world was rocked, literally. A massive asteroid slammed into the northern Pacific with devastating consequences.
"People were always getting ready for tomorrow but it wasn't getting ready for them. It didn't even know they were there."
Rising tensions on the border have seen our security vamped up.We now have dug in position as a forward look out above the freeway underpass
We haven't the land to grow any more than our own needs so are not a competitive threat to them.We also struck hard bargain in our own trade
We've negotiated first refusal on their surplus & as part of trade talks have promised to educate us with view to growing our own in future.
Our farming 'partners' are also experimenting with various cereal grains, including wheat & rye.
Hopefully we've planted enough so as there will be some surplus depending on the success of the summer harvest.Self sustainabilty is our aim