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Abe Couse
Want to Grow Your Twitter Following, Free?
nice blog post explaining why customer acquisition cost and lifetime value are key metrics for your startup
Some things to consider when developing your internet #startup idea
Started from the bottom, now we're....
It's time to begin isn't it? Packing my bags and leaving the paycheck behind because it's time to #startup
Lately I've been loosing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be
anyone else notice telemarketers have switched to using local area codes? I guess they finally figured out no one answers 1-800 #'s
It's nice of California to call me - I have many questions
Oh well I have decided not to eat anything that you microwave with the plastic on
This is pretty awesome - JJ Abrams leaks his own photo from new Star Wars set via @bad_robot:
Interesting overview of Mobile OS market share from 2009-14
Mary Meeker's presentation on internet trends a must see for anyone who cares about that sort of thing…
Was just thinking about this - Analysis Paralysis: How to Be Fast and Decisive in Decision Making
For the graphics folks - before Pantone a hand painted color book from 1692 way cool…
Interesting overview of tablet market share by company 2010-13. Represents brands purchased each year
SV tech style guide from ReadWrite @RWW
The title on this Wired chart made me laugh - enjoy
Looking down over the valley, Los Altos and PA below, bike ride always clears the head and gets the ideas flowing
Interesting 49ers share some Twitter analytics on their 2014 schedule most mentioned games…
The corporate identity binder now a piece of nostalgia? Brings back some memories and not all fond…
Pebble seems to be the only wearable so far with stickiness…
New Gmail terms of service perhaps not news - yes we scan your email…
Love what you do, work somewhere awesome, BE someone awesome
Google wireless service - something that many have speculated pops up in the rumor mill…
It's almost too predictable that it rains just after I put new components on my bike - ready to ride