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Abe Couse
Love what you do, work somewhere awesome, BE someone awesome
Google wireless service - something that many have speculated pops up in the rumor mill…
It's almost too predictable that it rains just after I put new components on my bike - ready to ride
It's good to able to spot the difference between those that talk a good game, those that got game and those that can do both
Love the feeling of opening day, now if only Giants were playing defense, way to come back and tie it up
Is there anything more annoying than daily Adobe Flash player updates?
Sometimes I think people waste more time trying to find a shortcut than by just doing it the right way in the first place
So I have all these apps that I downloaded to my phone that I have never gotten past the sign up screen can't I just try the app first?
OK whose picking Cal Poly over Wichita State?
Keen looks like a cool data analytics startup
"What we see depends mainly on what we look for" Sir John Lubbock
Is there some sort of place to report rogue apps that don't obey their notification settings?
"If you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney
Is your #startup investment ready? Some nice roadmaps including life science related ventures from Steve Blank…
Just because it's obvious don't assume anyone is doing anything about it
Every day same 'new' headline so and so is fastest growing latest example Tableau…
What is the half life of a tweet?
Ending your startup with ly seems like another good bet
Number of new startups this week with "app" in their name has grown exponentially "faster than anything else I've ever seen", "it's amazing"
Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure -Norman Vincent Peale
Without fail Whatsapp now in Top 5 in App Store - I guess lots of people in the US going what is this app that just sold for $16b?
Twitter seems a bit quiet tonight is everyone over on Whatsapp?
WhatsApp price per user compared with others perhaps not apples to apples but interesting via Business Insider
Interesting excerpts from story on Whatsapp via Wired UK…
Whatsapp has 450M uses and I'm happy if a Tweet gets a fav