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Anya Brilliant
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"My boyfriend/girlfriend won't let me" Excuse me What was that? LET ? YOU ¿ How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian”
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Best moment of life is when you are listening to the radio and you hear "New music now, Nicki Minaj, Anaconda"
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doesn't matter how fast you can go from zero to sixty. a brick wall will take you from sixty to zero even faster
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These past 2 school days have made me exhausted
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I am shocked when I see people tweet that Facebook is down because I didn't know people still actually used Facebook.
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"@UberObvi: Shorts are like pants, but shorter." @mikeyj1097
As long as the celery is in the dryer. Keep the sky purple we will be all good cause the hamburger is still on the balcony
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Drugs will be in consideration tomorrow after school
BREAKING: Rob Gronkowski cleared to play opening game of beer pong at Labor Day party.
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What is sleep... Is it a type of light bulb or something? Wish I knew.
Time to drink bleach because school
High school musical 2 is playing rn is this some sort of sick joke cus summer is over
"You should get a better shirt, like a tshirt, or like a coffin" @mikeyj1097
If you're in the car while I'm driving you can't speak or I'll fuck up and kill us all :)
Police in Ferguson confirm they fired tear gas canisters on protesters defying a curfew:
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This #Fergurson situation is sad. “@DanyaNBCSD: On set glued to my twitter feed. My heart is heavy for the people in Ferguson.”
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People are fucking retarded I swear
And this is why everyone should have guns to protect themselves from cops like the ones in #Ferguson
Once again, the police have again LIED to the people and the MSM parrot their BS. Had enough of this yet? #Ferguson #ItWasTearGas
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The purge started oh Jesus
Why am I awake trying to buy stocks right now?
People always mourn when they see a suicide in the news. But what about the thousands of suicides that don't make the news? Got my prayers
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Changing myself into a completely different person
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Craziest place ive smoked weed is probably the electronics section in wal mart.
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Hashtag fuck you all I donated 70 dollars to ALS
The ice bucket challenge is so stupid lol you'd rather avoid giving money to help people and I get called a pussy cus I want to donate. Ok..
Arianna ew stop eyes aren't supposed to do that lol
Ew my birthday is on Monday. Monday. I don't celebrate Mondays.
Ew school in a month well I'm gonna start the count down for next summer
The suck my ass vines are fucking hilarious 😂
"You're right Dequan, 2+2 does equal 22." "I don't know what I was thinking"
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