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Anya Brilliant
💎💕☀👙 🐝 ☀💙 🍦   👯 👄   🎀 🍕    ✨    💎 ❤ 50 days 🌂  🍻 until Summer! 😋   👑.    👗    ☀️.   🌊     🐬 👡      ✨
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Cause there's this tune that makes me think of you and I play it on repeat before I fall asleep
Prison. It is a prison.
Does Peabody high really not have AC's
Avoiding gym tomorrow by not going hahahahaha by Mr. Hayes
Its too hot in my room and I'm getting clausterphobic
Hands down in favor of Joe Molica obviously
"@MadisonArigo: @anya_brillant u look hot in your avi" sorry we aren't friends you're not playing softball this year
If someone wants to break up with their gf or bf who gives a fuck of the timing like what YOURE IN HIGHSCHOOL NOT A MARRIED COUPLE
"Rest in peace to Mr. Champi from Peabody High. You'll be greatly missed."
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Your smile could end wars and cure cancer
This isn't fair. But that's life I guess.
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I still remember that good morning text ugh I miss it
"@WeAreGirICodes: this kinda changed my entire view on life..."
1858- you have been my best friend since birth. Even though we get into stupid fights all the time I know you're always there for me 💕
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So everyone complaining about school today can shut up
RIP mr champi 💜 you'll be missed by everyone
"@xoamandaxo14: @anya_brillant omg😨 shes deff crying" she was!! It was so funny