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Anurag Vuthunuri
I can think of no acceptable situation where a dude should be taking a bathroom mirror selfie...
Two days ago, this was Shabazz Napier's Draft Day photo... Now it's also the Heat team photo
Retweeted by Anurag Vuthunuri
What a SMART move by the celtics
Happy Birthday @Emma_Spell! Hope you had a great one!
After watching the world cup, I gained alot of respect for soccer players.. its a hard game to play!
Anyone wanna ball at la?
Happy birthday @linds_panozzo ! Hope you had a great day! You truly deserve it!
Its funny how people hate on lebron so much for one mistake he made 4 years ago
This game is looking like a 1 vs 5..
Family before everyone
You know what the heat need? Some true ballerz. #tbt those storm days @HankZimmer @cjones442
S/o to d303 for not making us come back on monday!
Last day as a underclassmen! Its been real sophomore year. Time to move on to bigger and better things!
Words cant show how relieved I am. Good by school! Welcome summer!!
Good luck to everyone on their finals today! Keep ur head up, and stay positive. In two more days we r done with school
Happy birthday @AaronAmburgey ! I cant wait for sumo wrestling next year. Your going down this time! Good luck at state!
Basketball used to be fun to watch, but now its all just refs making the most b.s calls and a bunch of flop artists
Happy birthday @BriannaCiaccio! I hope you have a great day!
Happy birthday to my boy! Peteyyyyyy weetey! Hope you had a great day babe. U deserve it! @GPKaralekas
Favorite for a unhonest dm
Happy birthday boss! @bhtoman cant wait for all the school store adventures we will have next year
Im gonna miss all the seniors, especially these ones. They always made SCN a fun place to be. Good luck in college!
Happy birthday mickey mouse... ah shoot. I mean @Abby_Rydberg! Hope u have a great day
The fact that the cavs got the first pick three times in the last 5 years. And they still havent been winning games shows how bad they suck