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Anurag Vuthunuri
"Move on" is so easy to say, but hard to do
I swear I always see people who look like twins to people I know in the wierdest places!
A huge s/o to my bro, my man, my love @anuragv_26 for being the shit.. love you to death bro! Everyone go follow him!
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@anuragv_26 Thanks Anurag!!! I really appreciate how great of a friend you are! #brothas4life
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Happy birthday to this fag! Your finally 17! I hope you have an amazing day! Your the bomb! @iSHAQ_1997
Anyone else taking the practice ACT at st.charles public library this saturday!? Not too late to sign up!
My biggest problem is that: I give people chance After chance... After chance... After chance...
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Matt and I are at panera studying for icb. If anyone wants to join us please show up now! We need help!
Everyone please go follow @SCNRelayForLife and sign up for this years relay so we can stop cancer from stealing people from our world!
Ah darn it! now that we have swim gym all my make up is going to get ruined
Memories are two way roads...there is the good road and the bad one
Its kind of dark in here. They might need a few more lights
Happy birthday @taryn_daldegan! I hope you had a great day! You deserve it!
Im going to miss these three seniors. They truly made deca a fun place to be! @Hbuerster @jakekerr8 @rsmith_10
Saying something then regretting it is the worst...
Grasss!!! Without snow!!!! Its a miracle!
There is always that one person you miss talking to...
Have fun at school today!
A huge s/o to this year's varsity crew for playing thier hearts out and putting on a show each game! You guys were the best!
My 3400th tweet goes out to @hanna_durocher for bein a great person to be around and @LDunteman & @Schnitzelman77 for being bros!