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SNEAK PEEK: We have an exclusive clip from @WWECesaro's #KidsWB Aussie Induction.Tune in on GO! from 8.30am tomorrow…
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Don't miss the King of Swing @WWECesaro's Aussie Induction on #kidswb on Saturday!Tune in to @GOChannel after 8:30am.
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I used to get so many tweets about where to buy these… Now you can own the my #WeThePeople jacket…
Just some old school #weightlifting @progenex @caffeineandkilos
I’m a visionary
@BrayWyattTeam: @WWECesaro You can’t handle negativity can you?” I sure can, that’s what the #block button is for
@Gagreeneyes65: @WWECesaro Please follow me or I will have to unfollow you. I”m over my limit on following people.” Let’s solve that #block
@nhlboss007: @WWECesaro @WWE its good to confidant but no 1 likes a pragger” nope, no one likes a “pragger” @WWESheamus level spelling
@NikkiBeIIaLover: @WWECesaro NO ONE LIKES YOU” I take it you’re the authority of everybody. Keep being jealous while I rock life & @WWE
I’m great at everything I do #commentary @WWE #MainEvent
Danke @sebastianhackl und Holger für das Hammer Geschenk @shaqirixherdan #smackdown #1
Real American Prime Rib. Served by yours truly #Raw #throwback #shuffle
@rossbramble: I’m very upset @WWECesaro didn’t say his dream match would be against Bruno Sammartino.” George Hackenschmidt
Der schon früh morgens @armani Sakko träger. Ready for the @2k roster reveal panel #SummerSlam #Landvogt
Now #SummerSlam kickoff @TherealRVD vs @WWECesaro can be seen in over 170 countries on the @WWENetwork #9.99
While I be flying to LA for the @2K #WWE2k15 roster reveal panel and #SummerSlam you should watch @WWE #SmackDown #CesaroVsAmbrose
¡Buenos días hormigas! HOY vienen a divertirse al Hormiguero las estrellas de la WWE @WWECesaro y @LaRosaMendes
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Den Respekt von @WWETheBigShow hat @WWECesaro trotz des harten Aufeinandertreffens. Gefällt uns!
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I will be at the “WWE 2K15” Roster Reveal panel, this Saturday at 10 am. More info here… @WWEgames @2K #SummerSlam
Red eye cross country flight + workout puts some hair on your chest #oly #squats #locomotive @PROGENEX @KILLCLIFF
Mesdames et Messieurs le @WWENetwork est disponible en France #WWENetwork #tresBien
Started to type up a pet peeve list for plane rides… Didn’t fit in 140 characters #noPatience #redEye