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Woke up feeling great. Looking forward going to sleep the same way #HIAC #ICTilte
Congratulations on 100 episodes of the @JCLayfield (not Cole) Show.…
@JacksonsMomma12: @WWECesaro best 2 out of 3? Sorry man, @HEELZiggler is just too damn good. He only needs one” he'll only get one, tops
According to @WWEUniverse: @JCLayfield "used to fight over beer and chicken” we fight over who's the best & the #ICTitle
“Where he's right, he's right "@HEELZiggler: #SmackDown....... no smoke & mirrors just 2 of the best ” #ItsTooBad you're gonna lose tonight
PS: two of the best.... I know I'm THE best but I'm trying to be humble #Gentleman
Where he's right, he's right "@HEELZiggler: #SmackDown....... no smoke & mirrors just 2 of the best ” #ItsTooBad you're gonna loose tonight
Tomorrow #CesaroZiggler on @WWE #SmackDown. Time to eat your words @HEELZiggler
@WWECesaro staring menacingly out of a car window, better than anyone stares menacingly out of a car window. #HIAC
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If you consider giving onnit a try, there's 12% off everything with code FALL72 at #weightlifting #gym
Ready, squat, stand up, bow #BigTuesday #weightlifting @caffeineandkilos @progenex @onnit @calstrength
Since @HEELZiggler mentioned my Bond villain quality, watch the #WWE2K15 commercial! @WWEgames #FEELIT #goodtobebad
.@HEELZiggler save space because usually your tweets are long and crappy so you tried to be short and crappy? Dork? Wow, pitiful
.@HEELZiggler nice, using the letter U like your 14 year old fanbase and capitalizing a word to make sure people get your "joke"
.@HEELZiggler "not easy"? Looking at the material in your timeline, impossible is the word you're looking for
Sad to hear of the passing of the great Ox Baker. One of the most iconic bad guy wrestling. Here he is pre mustache
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With #WWEMexico is the books, but #ElGuapo will return
Ladies and gentlemen, #ElGuapo is in the building #WWEMexicoCity #SwissSuperman #ReyDeLaLucha
@ZackRyder: @WWECesaro are you serious bro? I'll fist pump your face!” Shock me and say something intelligent for once...
Breakfast = @Starbucks turkey bacon egg white sandwich x3
What are my thoughts on the latest @JCLayfield show and @ZackRyder taking over? Watch and see…
Pink 🎀 Help my friends @dogtowncrossfit crush cancer @joshyg27 #crushcancer #gym #weightlifting
My workout playlist is in 5 different languages #gym
.@HEELZiggler good one, heard the ⚾️⚾️ joke from Cena on SD15 and the DVD one from HHH to Miz. "Borrowed material" like your DX moves...
@WWECesaro why didn't you yodel for the soundtrack?! Lazy Cesaro! You'll never be WWEWHC at this rate! Nerd!
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We should all be so lucky to have the PR person that #johnnierebel did. This is probably from the early 1950's
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Here's my post #MainEvent tweet. Hey @HEELZiggler how about stepping up (you know, instead of showing off) and giving me my #ICTitle rematch
@kautsar_rafif: @WWECesaro you are suck!!! F*** you off!!!”
@EricCoen: Lol at @HEELZiggler throwing his shirt at @WWECesaro #RAW” yeah, he missed. It's a throw away shirt anyway
@PowerWayne: @WWECesaro really knows how to pull off a suit #RAW” I'm suited to look good at everything #KingOfEverything
What's going on with those Euro 16 qualifiers? ISLNED
--Insert your inspirational message here-- #weightlifting #BigMonday @progenex @caffeineandkilos @onnit @calstrenght
Qualified and committed to honestly review the #JBLShow @JCLayfield
About to kick off #WWESavannah #swisssuperman